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Hope this is the correct forum for this question.If a mechanic is claiming to be a member of The Guild of Master Craftsman,how do i find out if this is a worhwhile endorsement, or just an association anyone can buy their way into?
Trade Associations? - Screwloose

Google their website and try to join? The [lack of] checks and conditions will reveal all......
Trade Associations? - stuartl
I am a self employed builder and was asked about 15 years ago whether I was a member of this 'organisation'

As I was not, out of interest I enquired what I needed to receive such a prestigious title...................

Basically, then it was 2 references and £100 a year for a sticker for your van. As a customer (again I am speaking of 15 years ago), dealing with a member of this organisation offered no protection, guarantee or insurance for work that was carried out and simply offered a mediation service that seemed to just offer little more than common sense.

The customer who asked me whether I was a member was a little surprised when I told them the criteria for becoming a member and took up my offer of getting references from past clients. I have been working for them on various projects since!

Forget these meaningless badges, they are a total con! Get references from past customers. People often rely on these paid for 'qualifications' because they have no real ones of their own!
Guild of Master Craftsmen? - strange but true
Many thanks,i has been told something similar,just wanted to confirm it.

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