Weekend driving - mini 30 owner
Eeeeh when I were a lad - I used to hear people constantly going on about Sunday drivers

I'm not sure if the phenomena still exists anymore or if it does maybe it's in a different guise
Where I live - London suburb - I notice a major increase in aggressive driving at the weekend - esp Sunday afternoons (visiting parents???)

I get a lot more tailgating, even when I'm just driving to a paper shop at 9 ish on a Saturday morning and just a general increase in impatience and snappy attitudes

I've been putting it down to concentrated consumerism (not in the Christmas sense) in that people are deperate to squash all their boring tasks into the shortest possible time (fair enough I guess) and a sense among people that their weekends must be fully utilised for enjoyment/shopping or they feel shortchanged /cheated in some way, and heaven help anyone who gets in the way.

Any thoughts
Weekend driving - Lud
Driving is still worse at weekends.

It's partly because some people only drive at weekends, and partly because people drive in unfamiliar places at weekends.

It's a weekend now and I've just been out in it.
Weekend driving - frazerjp
Well im a weekend driver in a way as i rarely drive to work during the week now.
But when im on the roads going up to my grandfather's which is the otherside of town from me, a lot of people do tailgate you whilst cruising at 30 mph in a 30 limit.
Its not what you drive, its how you drive it! :-)

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