Metro 92 1100cc - Dave_1987
Hi im having a problems with my 92 1100cc Metro carb run. Iv replaced the carb with a 2nd hand 1 and replaced the fuel pump, plugs and leads. all the hoses goin in and out of the carcoal canister are all clear and now im stuck and dont know what to try next. Does any1 know of any command faults or suggest something i can try next.

Thank you for any help giving
Metro 92 1100cc - bell boy
do you have a spark?
is fuel getting through?
try snuffing it if unsure and see if it runs on that
Metro 92 1100cc - kithmo
Ignition module on side of distributor ??
Metro 92 1100cc - bbroomlea{P}
>Ignition module on side of distributor ??

A few years ago i had issues with what I thought was the carb, stalling and not starting, overfueling etc...Turned out to be the iginition module. Replaced from scrap yard for a £1 and ran perfectly for a good few years before the rot killed it. Car had done 95,000 when it started playing up and a few garages went for the 'expensive obvious at that mileage' approach!
Metro 92 1100cc - mjm
What problem are you having?
Will it start?
Does it fire at all?
Will it run for a few seconds?
Will it idle but not rev?
Metro 92 1100cc - Dave_1987
The car is over fueling all the time
car starts on the button fine but starts chocking wen rev'in and driving drives fine but eats fuel and wen u drop back to idle misfires bad and cuts out

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