VK Golf MK4 - Boot/Tailgate Light - Nay164
The light in the boot of my 1999 Golf sems to have stopped working and I'm at aloss as to what to do about it. I've tried replacing the bulb a couple of times, the wires and casing look in good working order. The 16v power outlet below the light is working fine.

I seem to recall hearing that this problem could be related to the catch on the boot door, but can't remember the specifics of this, or where I saw the info.

Any suggestions?
VK Golf MK4 - Boot/Tailgate Light - elekie&a/c doctor
Yes,the boot light is operated by a micro switch attached to the boot latch.Easy to replace(complete part) about £15.Great feat of engineering,the rear washer jet leaks water directly onto it.Also you will probably find the connector to it all green and corroded.
VK Golf MK4 - Boot/Tailgate Light - Nay164
Ah ha - now it's all clear! I had a leak in the rear washer system last year. Thanks for the tip - will get a new catch.

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