Brabus Smart Roadsters... - king_mk
Ok then people what do we know about Smart Roadsters - in particular the more highly strung (?) Brabus tunned versions?

I ask as a friend has recently got one and i'm sure I read somewhere that they were not that reliable (no info on warranty direct reliabilty site though) and that servicing is both short and expensive.

Any reliability concerns that you can shed light on? Thanks
Brabus Smart Roadsters... - Aprilia
I once fancied one of these. I tried to get in it, but couldn't - they are very small inside...End of that idea.
Brabus Smart Roadsters... - king_mk
Thanks Aprilia for your views and your response.

It would seem, however, that no one on here knows anymore than I do regards the reliability of these due to the number of replies that have not been posted!
Brabus Smart Roadsters... - barchettaman
I´ve hired Smarts in the past, and found the gearbox was awful.
Although I got in it OK (I´m 6´1") and found it comfy enough, the jerky gear thing put me right off.
Never seen a Brabus version - sorry.
Brabus Smart Roadsters... - mikeyb
For once something that I feel qualified to talk about!

I have a standard roadster - have had it now since April.

Reliability in my case has been OK, however I think in general they are not that good - take a look at

Most leak, although I appear to be luck on that one.

Service intervals are 7K which in this day and age is pretty poor, and servicing is expensive at £200 a pop

Gearbox is better than in the standard smart cars, but still not very good. Ironicaly the Auto is at its worst in trafic where it cant decide what gear to use, and can leave you pulling out onto a roundabout with it still hunting about for the best gear, but the semi auto function is OK

Very light (795KGS) so pick up is pretty good.

Getting in and out - Bad, Combination of 3 door and low down is a problem when you park next to anything else - I find myself always parking in the far corner or on teh end of a row so that I dont get cars next to me.

Very expensive for what it is, but good fun with the roof down, although to be honest in hindsight it has been a bit of a mistake and will likely go soon - A lorry "bumped" the side of me a few weeks back, claiming that due to the size and height he had no chance of seeing me so my better half thinks the car is dangerous and would be happier if it were to be replaced with something more "coventional". You can feel a little vunrable in trafic when you realise that everything bar the bloke on the bike is bigger than you
Brabus Smart Roadsters... - frazerjp
I take the Brabus roadster is limited to 84mph like the standard smarts?
I did look at a standard one before i purchased my Ford Ka, it's god job i brought the Ka instead, there isn't a lot of room in a smart.
But for anybody else i suppose it's an ideal vehicle if your main commute is on a flat counrty lane that's 6 or 7 miles long or if you live on an island like Wight or Mull & the owner would have to be single of course!!
Its not what you drive, its how you drive it! :-)
Brabus Smart Roadsters... - rjr
I take the Brabus roadster is limited to 84mph like the
standard smarts?

No. Ordinary smart roadsters have a top speed of 109mph. Brabus models have a top speed of 119mph.

Brabus Smart Roadsters... - Bagpuss
A lorry "bumped" the side of me a few weeks back,
claiming that due to the size and height he had no
chance of seeing me

I pity any cyclists who happen to be on the road when that guy's about!
Brabus Smart Roadsters... - boxsterboy
I drive a Smart Brabus in town, but it's a City Coupe/4-2 as oppossed to a Roadster.

Around town the gearbox is, I think, brilliant. Forget the Auto setting where the changes are jerky and a bit unpredictable, but use the paddles and it's great. You can get a lovely tune from that 3-cylinder engine - not too dissimilar to a Boxster I used to run. The best thing about the City Coupe/4-2 is the small size for parking but it doesn't get on with spped humps or any bumps too well, to put it mildly. The suspension and steering on the Brabus are stiffer than the standard models, but the interior is much nicer too.

I looked at a Roadster in a showroom but feared that the big sill, when covered with a bit of road dirt, would be bound to get your clothes dirty climbing in and out.

But otherwise it's a very appealing car, and it's a shame that production has stopped - one fewer 'quirky' car for us to chose from.
Brabus Smart Roadsters... - DP
I followed one on a 55 reg the other day and the thing I noticed was how much the exhaust tailpipes moved when he came on and off the power.

Mind you it didn't half shift!!

Brabus Smart Roadsters... - king_mk
Thank you all for your knowledge with this one - I did not know enough on them to advise him and he went ahead and brought it.

That website, mikeyb, will be of much use to him and some good info there - thanks.

It would seem a bit too much of a compromise for me and hence personally I would not get one no matter how exclusive or fun.

Thanks again really appreciated!

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