Shell V- power diesel - prm72
I've read that this new derv cleans the carbon in the engine, but does the fact that its " gas to liquid" technology with zero sulphur make it less lubricating, or have Shell put lubricants in as well, i cant see anything in their advertising regarding this. The reason i ask is because the pumps rely on being well lubricated.
Shell V- power diesel - Hamsafar
It is not pure GTL, just a small amount of GTL diesel is added, enough to be able to use it in the marketting spiel, I suppose just like with henna and jojoba shampoo.
Shell V- power diesel - prm72
Thanks Ashok, i must admit it has made my engine quieter and it seems to run smoother, was just a bit concerned about the lube qualities. Even so, think i will use the cheaper normal stuff.
Shell V- power diesel - Hamsafar
How much was it? Is it expensive?
It isn't in my area yet, just 31 sites according to there website.
Pure GTL diesel is 75 cetane*, so if you find out the cetane of the vpower, you can probably crudely judge how pure it is.

*according to posts on other forums etc... so could be hogwash
Shell V- power diesel - prm72
I got it at Stirling corner, on the A1 going into London, their normal derv is 89.9, V-power 95.9.
Shell V- power diesel - quizman
Am I to understand that Shell have replaced Shell diesel extra, which was priced at normal rates, with V-Power which is priced at a premium?
I always use diesel extra, but I will not pay 6p per litre more for V-Power.
It looks like Tesco + Millers from now on.
Shell V- power diesel - TheOilBurner
There's no Shell stations in my area now, but it appeared that "normal" Shell diesel was replaced by Shell Diesel Extra at no additional cost. It seemed just as good as BP Ultimate Diesel in my subjective experience, and cheaper too. I would have loved to have tried V-Power diesel.
Shell V- power diesel - DP
I would like to try it just because I made a point of averaging mpg over 3 tankfuls of each brand of locally available diesel to see if there was any appreciable difference.

The answer was no, apart from Sainsbury's which gives me 3 mpg more than any other. The car also feels less "laggy" on it (relative on a Mondeo TD, but SWMBO notices it as well, so I'm assuming it's not just me).

Would be happy to try Shell V-Power.

Shell V- power diesel - Hamsafar
I agree quizzman, I almost exclusively use Shell Extra, as it was supposed to be a premium diesel without a premium price, and was consistantly the same price ~1p more or less than the local supermarkets.
I won't pay a £3.60 premium on every fill up for V power though.
I hope they will still do the Shell Extra, I will try the Shell V power just out of curiousity but it would have to blow my socks off for a 6p/l increase in price.
Shell V- power diesel - prm72
Think the shell extra has been replaced with v-power
Shell V- power diesel - quizman
Think the shell extra has been replaced with v-power


I have just filled the Passat with Shell extra at 89.9p per litre in Derby. So it is still on sale!
I have tried BP ultimate and the car goes just as well with Shell extra, so I will not be buying the more expensive stuff. In fact I will boycott Shell if they try to increase the price, I bet they are bothered.
Shell V- power diesel - daveyjp
Just back from Tenerife and Shell stations had 'normal' and V power diesel available. Normal diesel was a sickening 42p a litre.
Shell V- power diesel - paulb {P}
Think the shell extra has been replaced with v-power

Not sure, to be honest. I overheard the cashiers in my usual Shell garage this morning saying that they were getting additional pumps put in for V-Power Diesel early in the new year, which would suggest that they will still be selling some form of ordinary diesel alongside it - similar to what BP already do with Ultimate, by the sound of it. Don't know whether this will apply to all Shell sites, though.
Shell V- power diesel - mrnikko
Interesting thread this on holiday in france this year I used Total Excellium which is the french version of premium diesel and have to say that my shogun ran smoother and gave an extra 5 miles per gallon.
Yet over here using Shell Extra made no difference over ordinary Shell or Morrisons Diesel that funnily enough comes out of the same tank ad Shell at our local fuel depot.

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