Alloys - Lizzie
Have jus purchased my son a 1999 Ford Fiesta 1.3 finesse V reg and he has asked for a set of alloys for Xmas. Can anyone tell me if a 15inch alloy with 195/45/15 tyres will be suitable without us having to alter either the suspension or the arches? His present wheel size is 13inch with 165/70/13 tyres.
I would like him to be able to just put them on Xmas morning and drive with no probs.
Thanks very much
Alloys - Falkirk Bairn
I know nothing re wheel size - shop/garage will tell you what can /cannot fit.


Budget for an increase in insurance when you inform the Ins Co - bling wheels & low profile tyres are inviting a premium rise
Alloys - Alec
Don't forget to tell the insurance co.
Alloys - Lizzie
No Probs there! Knew I'd need to do that. Won't go into Ins here for an 18year old!! lol
Alloys - oilrag
Liz,It might be worth checking with your local crime preventation officer for an opinion on increased risk of theft. Wheels and car.
Also insurance increased costs.
Sorry to not be able to answer your question.
Alloys - Lizzie
He's a second row Rugby Player so don't think there will be much of prob Do You? lol Thanks for the advice anyway!
Alloys - oilrag
They steal the wheels in car parks or when your asleep
Alloys - Gromit {P}
He's a second row Rugby Player so don't think there will
be much of prob Do You?

The considerate soul who removes the alloys and leaves the car on blocks while its parked won't know that, though, will they? A set of locking wheelnuts might be a more useful deterrent.

It might also be worthwhile asking the insurance co. about what alloys to fit. IIRC, when my brother was considering putting alloys on his Punto, his insurer wasn't nearly as upset about replacing steel wheels with original equipment FIAT alloys, but was very upset indeed about fitting aftermarket wheels!
Alloys - Victorbox
I've not had time to wade through this load of info but does any of this help?
Wheel offset is another consideration as well as wheel diameter & tyre aspect ratio.
Halfords seem to stock loads of alloys now so perhaps they have similar info to hand.
Alloys - oilrag
Quote "Over the past six months the theft of alloy wheels has been identified as an issue in the Huddersfield and Wakefield areas, as has the theft of number plates from cars in the Bradford North area.

In Huddersfield, over the past six months, 106 offences of thefts of alloy wheels have been recorded and residents in Marsden and Slaithwaite are being urged to be particularly on their guard.

In the Wakefield District, there were 197 recorded thefts of alloy wheels over the past six months and these have been more prevalent in Ossett and Horbury." Unquote

Hope its better where you are Liz :)
Alloys - Lizzie
Thanks for all your help everyone. Think it might be just as well to take car to halfords and get it all done in one. All I was worried about was that someone told me that Fiestas have a soft suspension and when my quite hefty son decides to go "Cruising" (if that's what they call it!) with a couple of his equally hefty mates, whether the 15 inch wheels would catch against the arches causing damage.
Luckily we don't seem to have such a big problem with theft of alloys around here oilrag, but I do take your concerns on board.
Oh to be eighteen again and carefree!! lol
Thanks everyone!
Alloys - Kevin

google for 'uk alloy wheels' (without the quotes). Most of the sites have lists of equivalent replacements for standard wheels/tyres.

They will also probably have a better selection and be cheaper than Halfords.

Alloys - tyrexpert
No problem with the tyre size. The rollong circumference of a 165/70r13 is 1715mm and the
195/45vr15 is 1700mm. Any wheel specialist will offer you the correct fitment regarding the wheel,

Alloys - psi
195/45R15 or 205/45R15 or 195/45R16 or 215/40R16.
You could always lower the car, if you're into that sort of thing.
Alloys - Collos25
A car that age you would be better setting up a trust fund for repair cost which will surely come,alloys are more trouble than they are worth.
Alloys - Lizzie
Trust Fund already in place Andy! Looks like we shall soon be having to dip into it as well. Thanks for excellent help tyreexpert! Am now off to buy 15inch rims with 195/45 tyres with locking nuts (and prob an advance on the mortgage!
Alloys - jc2
Should more than double the value of the car.
Alloys - Dynamic Dave
This thread will be moved over to the discussion forum later today. DD
Alloys - Group B
McGard locking wheel nuts seem to be highly regarded:

I managed to get some brand new ones for half price on ebay a couple of years ago..
Alloys - jc2
Both the McGard look remarkably similar to standard Ford ones.
Alloys - Group B
Both the McGard look remarkably similar to standard Ford ones.

Just checked the McGard website they say they are OEM supplier to many car manufacturers, including Ford.
If you can get them cheaper direct from Ford that would be a bonus.

Alloys - Lizzie
Thanks to everyone with all the help. Have now purchased set of 6.5 x 15 inch Wolfrace alloys 4 x 108 ET 35 with 195/45 tyres, locking nuts and valve sleeves so MR should be quite happy Xmas morning.
Thanks everyone!!

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