Faded black door side protectors - Halmer
Can anyone recommend a product that actually works to make exterior plastic look and stay looking like new please. Most that I've used either do nothing or only last until it rains.

Faded black door side protectors - JH
I use Carplan black trim wax. It's not permanent but it lasts long enough. Mind I've been using the same bottle for years, so goodness knows if it's still available.

Alternatively, back in the days of black vinyl roofs, my Dad bought a can of stuff that was suspiciously similar to boot polish, so you could try Kiwi or Cherry Blossom, according to taste!

Faded black door side protectors - barchettaman
I strongly recommend Autoglym Bumper Care.
Faded black door side protectors - bell boy
you could always mask and matt black them if they are really bad (halfords paint in a can is very acceptable) quick jelly when paint dry ,job done for a year at least.
Faded black door side protectors - MGspannerman
All you need is a can of silicone spray. I buy them several at a time from a local motor factor. They even come in a range of different smells for interior, dashboard use. I quite like the vanilla but the strawberry is now reserved for external use only. The discolouration and fade can be caused by an ove enthusiastic application of wax which leaves a residue in the grain of the plastic which refuses to respond to the wax as paint does. Whilst you are there pick up a can of traffic film remover as well as used in steam cleaners. It is nasty stuff and should be used with care - gloves and eye protection are advised. I use it diluted 50:50 with water in a hand held sprayer from the garden centre and it cleans up the alloys a treat, spray it and let it soak in and scrub with a soapy brush and hose clean. The other thing that really smartens a car up is to clean the glass inside and out. Little things like this really do sharpen up the look of a car, especially if selling.

Faded black door side protectors - stunorthants
What model of car is this on?
Some plastics can actually be polished which is very effective at keeping the shine.
Faded black door side protectors - Stuartli
I used to use Back to Black before buying a Silver Reflex VW Bora which has bumpers and door protectors all colour matched.

However I did find that if I got wax on the black protectors it was difficult to polish afterwards and usually left some areas with a white film because of the uneven surfaces.
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Faded black door side protectors - stunorthants
Polishing only works on smooth surface plastics such as the door mirrors on Toyota Carina E's and the like, but its very long lasting if done throughly.
Faded black door side protectors - Dynamic Dave
On old Vauxhall Corsas if you carefully use a heat gun you can restore the grey colour back to black again on the faded plastic wheel arches.
Faded black door side protectors - L'escargot
I use Turtle Wax High Tech Black Chrome Trim& Bumper Polish. It does what it says on the bottle, which is "Restores original colour and lustre to all black trim, tyres and bumpers." However I've had the bottle a long time (a little goes a long way) so I don't know whether it's still available. Turtle Wax probably now make something even better.
Faded black door side protectors - Halmer
Thanks everyone.

It's a 2002 Passat.
Faded black door side protectors - Halmer
I've always used Armoural (forgive the bad spelling).

It's excellent for enhancing unfaded new black plastics but struggles to improve faded exterior black bits in my opinion.
Faded black door side protectors - stunorthants
In my experience as a valeter, the 2002 Passat doesnt suffer with fading plastics often.

They do have a corse surface on the plastics so you wouldnt polish them as such, but I would try a aerosol spray-on quick-wax and then a through buff. Its much harder work than plastic restorer, but can last a long time if done throughly.

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