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Hello again Folks.

We're looking for a good quality lockable tool locker to put in our pick-up, can anyone recommend a reputable company that produces them, please.


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Tool lockers for Pick-ups - jc2
Don't know about makers but both Machinemart and Screwfix sell them.
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It would be a good idea if whatever you get has the Sold Secure mark. This organisation tests products to see what level of abuse they can stand before they give in to criminals and awards different levels of the Sold Secure mark. I just had a look at the site and there are a few van safes on there, under products on the left hand side (it's not a great site to navigate).

Make sure you get one of those 'there are no tools in this vehicle over night' stickers too, and make it true!

Tool lockers for Pick-ups - Rats
Northern Tools sell them, as do N & J Aluminium Linings Ltd,
Tool lockers for Pick-ups - Jimmy67
Thank you for the replies, everyone.
Wanted to avoid the likes of Machine Mart, but have to say that the NJ Aluminium gull-wing boxes are just what I had in mind.

Tool lockers for Pick-ups - Rats

I can't comment on their service I'm afraid, I just found them when I was looking for a ladder rack for my Isuzu Rodeo. They were very prompt in answering my questions if that's any help.

I have seen the ones that Northern Tools sell and they look pretty substantial.

Hope this helps

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