changing my own brake pads? Vaux Corsa - garyc77
I have no real mechanical knowledge but would it be easy for me to change my own brake pads?
Is is as simple as removing the wheel and unscrewing the old pads and will I be able to easily see how to remove the existing ones or is more specialist knowledge required.
Also what tools would be required.
Cheers, Gary.
changing my own brake pads? - stuartl
I've never come across a car where I havent been able to change the pads with my eyes shut (strictly not recommended though!) What car is it? A haynes manual gives good step by step advice. Just remember to pump the pedal a few times before setting off for the first time after changing and remember they will need time to bed in too.
changing my own brake pads? - adverse camber
Get a local mobile mech or garage to do it and let you watch and explain what they are doing. Or sign up for a basic maintenance course at the local he.

If you are not mechanically minded and havent done it before then it would be foolhardy to diy. Its straightforward enough, but on older cars you can have problems with sticking calipers, corrosion between caliper and pad, you might need a tool to screw back the calipers. There might be pins/clips that need replacing.
changing my own brake pads? - garyc77
Hi again, its a 99 corsa incase that helps.

I can get the pads for £15 and the local garage wants £50 if I let them do the job so you can see that there is a good saving by doing it myself.
changing my own brake pads? - stuartl
Get on ebay and get a haynes manual, those pads are a doddle and if you are conscientious with the basic methods you will have no problems
changing my own brake pads? - Dynamic Dave
Hi again, its a 99 corsa incase that helps.

It does as each make of car is different. some pads are held in with clips, or scroll pins, whereas others are held in with bolts. Up until the point you said it was a Corsa, you could have had 101 different answers.

Car details now added to subject header so as to make less vague and to catch the eye of people who can hopefully help you. DD.
changing my own brake pads? - yorkiebar
Easy car to make a start on !

But.......... brakes are safety critical items for you and other road users.

Only undrtake them if you are fully confident, and if you can afford to have car immobile if a problem occurs that you dont know how to overcome. But happy to help at any stage.

Considering that a spotty youth of 17 with no knowledge whatsoever is allowed to touch brakes etc then I feel better that you are asking for advice before undetaing it so more likely to want the job done right !

Also, when job is completed it would be a good idea to get an experienced mechanical person to check over the job , or garage etc. Got any experienced friends who would watch you as you do the job?
changing my own brake pads? - garyc77
Yes I really don't want a bad job doing on them ofcourse as I don't want any accidents but I really would like to learn how to do it myself as I am sure it will save me quite a bit of money over the years in garage bills.

I have ordered a haynes manual so I can see how everything goes and if I get really stuck then there is a garage only 2 streets away from me who I can rely on should I ned to.. and theres you guys too who have ben very helpful so far so thanks for that also.

I'm planning on doing the job in a couple of weeks time so I'll let you know how I get on.

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