Renault Scenic or VW Touran - uncleben
Advice please! Should I buy a 1.9 diesel Scenic or a 1.9 diesel Touran? We really wanted a diesel auto, but can't find one for the money we've got (about 10k) Has anybody experience of owning and driving either or both of these two cars? I found the Scenic lively and spacious and the Touran a bit austere but very smooth. I'm going to have to pay a grand or two more for the Touran so I want it to be worth it. What do you reckon?
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - Xileno {P}
No diesel + auto option in Scenic.
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - type's'
If you have really made your mind up on these 2 then I suppose my post is not very helpful when I say Toyota Verso.
I watched an older Top Gear again recently - the one where the 2 guys taxi cabbed in a scenic and an c-max. At the end of the trial they also discussed the Touran and I think they all agreed the Verso was the better car all round.
Any particular reason why it has to be one of these 2 ?
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - uncleben
No, I hadn't thought of the verso, mainly on looks, but maybe I should consider it. Yoyota reliability and all. I am very impressed with the scenic 1.9 engine, does the verso have similar?
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - cheddar
The Verso has good diesel engines, not sure about the diesel/auto option. The Verso is not so to drive though, an ex colleague has had a petrol one for about a year, when he had a bump he was given an old type Zafira as a courtesy car by the body shop, he commented how much better the Zafira was to drive, handling and steering wise, and also how much more punchy the Vauxhall 1.8 engine was relative to the 1.6 VVT Verso. That being said my wife likes the Verso so it will have to be on our list. Reckon the C-Max would be best to drive and it has a 1.6 diesel auto option though has been in short supply in that spec IIRC.
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - uncleben
There is an auto option on the new one, but that's out of my budget
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - Xileno {P}
I think it's only the 1.5 engine though. Bit underpowered in the Scenic.
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - type's'
I have never seen a diesel / auto combination on any Jap car.

A couple of people I know have the scenics and whilst they have not been totally trouble free - they have been fairly good. They have only had the petrol though so can't really comment on the diesel.
French diesels tend to be ok though (bearing in mind I dislike diesels totally)
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - Altea Ego
I have a Diesel Touran (1.9TDi SE 7 seat), and I have owned a Scenic 1 (petrol) and had a Scenic 2 (diesel for a day)

Touran Pro's
Comfortable, very roomy, very practical, handles astonishingly well and flat for a MPV, in SE form well kitted out with toys and goodies, some very thoughtful touches., reasonably economical if driven gently (51mpg ave) In short it will do anything you want to throw at it.

Touran cons
The car is riddled with design defects: ie
Rain will cascade down you neck as you open a door (learn to park on a slope so it falls down the wifes neck)
The Auxilory heater will pump out noxious fumes and clouds of smoke from the side of the car when the temperature is less than 5c till the car warms up. VW cant fix it on any Touran.
The rear door is so large that it flexes when you shut it and it wont shut without an almighty slam (my rear number plate has fallen off because of it) - Only cure is to leave two windows open, shut the rear hatch from a dead centre hand hold, and close the windows.
The air con condenser is mounted in front and to the bottom of the radiator. There is two slats the width of my fist for air to pass through from the outside about a foot off the road. The condensor WILL get hit by a rock or stone and you are looking at an eyewatering £800 bill to fix.

Its riddled with electrical gremlins. Changed on mine in 26k miles and 18 months
Radio Aerial Amplifier, Brake light switch (stuck on - flattened battery - called AA for a start), Cruise control module (changed once - going again - cruise control drops out) information display panel changed, convenience module changed (central locking issue). Various lights work as and when they want to or turn off at random (belived to be software or interference problems with the multiplexed can bus wiring)

Fuel consumption drops like a stone at 70 mph + in a head wind. (51mpg to 41 mpg). You can NOT drive along at anything above 40 mph with a window open as your eardrums will be burst by the wind buffeting and booming inside

Appaling rear vision when parking.

All in all - if I could torch the thing and get a new car I would.

Scenic 2 1.9dci Dynamique

Really really comfy, quiet, economical, powerful, roomy, practical, unusual looks, and character. They have som e reliability issues but probably make my touran look silly.

My petrol scenic 1 just had an electric sun roof issue in 4 years and 46k miles.

If you want a reliable motor, run a mile from the touran before it snatches your wallet and mugs you, then leaves you stranded, past whistfully by the scenic, and stop at a Toyota even tho the diesel engines are poo compared to the VW and the Renault.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - uncleben
Thank you TVM. Wonderful post, very funny - sorry didn't mean your misfortune was funny - just the post - I am going to go and drive a Verso tomorrow, if I love it, I'll get it - if not I've found a scenic 1.9dci in the right colour on a 03 plate for 8,495 - if they'll take my V reg scenic for a few quid I'll trade and have change for a beer. Cheers!
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - stunorthants
I think the way to look at the VW and the Renault is simple - would you like to be stabbed or shot?
Or you could choose the Toyota and live a long an happy life!

Renault Scenic or VW Touran - BobbyG
Ben, if its an 03 I take it that it is the old shape Scenic?
I found that engine woeful, totally gutless. Let me know and I wil post further information.
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - BobbyG
Ben, my previous review of my 3 scenics
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - Mad Maxy
Bobby: still in love with your Scenic?
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - BobbyG
In short , no. And there are several reasons for that comment.
Mainly due to the amount of niggles I have had with it, eg. my dashboard has had to be stripped twice to cure rattling noises which turned out to be varius strut bolts etc that were loose. Air Con stopped working and was finally diagnosed as a fault something-or-other. There have been another few that have just made me feel less "in love" with the car. Not helping the fact is the quality of dealer backup who I rate very poorly.
eg. when the air con went, they said it needed filled with gas and that wasn't covered by warranty. So I took it to air con specialist who diagnosed the real reason and told me it should be covered under waranty. I had to take it back to dealer and tell then this and sure enough, it was covered under warranty.

The second time (last week) the car had to go in for the dashboard rattle and they told me they couldn't hear anything! I took the guy out on a test drive and then he admitted that he could hear the problem. It was making the same sound as before so I had to show him the previous report detailing what they had done to fix it the last time!

Another factor is since owning the Scenic, I traded my Saxo in for a Fabia and the Skoda is just so well put together, no rattles, creaks or anything. Totally solid.

Scenic mpg has been disappointing, I only get low 40s but as SWMBO uses this mostly then it is hard to use that as a good measure as it is mostly about town, stop start journeys etc. However on long motorway journeys it will stil only give me 45mpg max.

Would I buy another one? I wouldn't say no however I would need to be convinced that it was better than a Verso, Zafira. new Picasso etc. When I come to change next summer, it will be very much dependent on what deals are being offered.
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - uncleben
No it is an early mark II - it's on sale from a skoda/honda dealer so they've clearly taken it as part ex.
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - aahbarnes
We have a 54 reg Scenic 1.9dCi Priv. On the whole a very good car, engine is great, very torquey. Gearbox is good, maybe a little clunky.

What lets this car down is the interior, it's just not up to everyday family life. Both rear sun blinds on ours are now broken, trim is loose around the boot opening, the backs of the rear seat are easily dented and scratched by stuff in the boot, the leather on the drivers seat has cracked, the silver finish on the dash is flaking, i could go on!

The car is a very nice drive and very spacious, but the trim is low quality.
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - aahbarnes
and the dashboard rattles like a 70s Lada.
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - BobbyG
aahbarnes, where in the dashboard does the rattle come from? Is it an overall squeak / creak, or is it coming from the area just in front of the steering wheel?
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - Mad Maxy
I was just getting impressed with modern Renaults. And then I read Bobby G's update. Commiserations, mate. And fellow Scenic owner whose name begins with 'Ash..' (I think; sorry).
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - aahbarnes
aahbarnes, where in the dashboard does the rattle come from? Is
it an overall squeak / creak, or is it coming from
the area just in front of the steering wheel?

It coming from the area around the digital dash display. If I push up on the curved dashboard above, it stops momentarily.
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - BobbyG
I have had my car in twice to fix dashboard rattles and both times they have actually fixed it. One time was a loose bolt on a strut mount, can't remember the other one offhand. Have you tried your dealer to get it repaired under warranty?

Also, do you get a creak from the top of your drivers door?
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - Xileno {P}
BobbyG - I suggest you find a different dealer. Yours seems about as much use as flu.
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - BobbyG
Xileno, at my first opportunity I certainly will do, and that will probably be at the next service in 5000 miles. Hopefully.

However I keep having to return to my current dealer as something goes wrong with work they have already done!
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - Xileno {P}
Bad news, isn't it? Renaults are not perfect, I would be the first to admit that but with a decent dealer the ownership experience can be enjoyable. One of the reasons I stick with them is because my local dealer is very good, often fixing things with no appointment when I have had a problem. I often get a phone call 'out of the blue' from them to ask if everthing is ok and if there's anything they can help with. I had just a call a few weeks ago to remind me that my Megane will shortly be needing its first MOT and as such they recommended bring it in to them a few weeks early so if anything was wrong it would be fixed before the warranty expires. Good idea, I hadn't thought of that. That's what I call customer service.
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - BobbyG
Can you ask your dealer to open a dealership in Lanarkshire??????

Perfect example of what I am talking about, in March car has a rattle in dashboard, dealer fixes it which I am impressed, it is loose bolts on a sub mount, or something like that.

Happens again 4 weeks ago so book it in. Get phone call back at 4pm asking me to book it in again as they need to strip it all down and will give me free courtesy car whilst it is in.

Take car in as booked, they have no courtesy car available.
Car booked in again for 4 days later, take it in and get Modus courtesy car.
That day get call, can't find anything wrong. Oh yes you can says I, it is blinking obvious and I have already told you what the problem is as it is same distinct noise as last time.
Get call 3 days later, car fixed. Pick it up, sure enough the rattle is gone.
However, I then realise that they have left a gap around the LCD display when putting the dashboard back in, big enough to put my thumb in!
In the footwell, the carpet has all been pulled back inc the footrest and is just flopping about (very dangerous at pedals).
And the RHS of the windscreen has a coating of grease or something similar in the inside, presumably associated with the dashboard coming out / in?
So heading back to the dealer again just now for another round of arguments.....
Renault Scenic or VW Touran - philipb
They do sound just like my local VW Dealers in Cheshire which hardly makes the Renault vs VW argument any easier.

I know dealers make most of their money on servicing rather than selling cars but I thought there was supposed to be some European legislation that would allow independent garages access to all the top secret computer codes.

My dream would be to find a local garage that really cares about the quality of its work, charges a reasonable amount for servicing so that its mechanics are well paid and supply a decent size (Golf rather than Polo) courtesy car to keep me mobile. If Euro laws allowed them to do warranty work on all makes of cars, an efficient franchise could clean up the UK!


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