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Straight Ford Press Release:-


BRENTWOOD, Essex, November 13, 2006 - The all-new Ford S-MAX has been awarded the prestigious title of "Car of the Year 2007".

The Car of the Year is an international award, judged by a panel of 58 top motoring journalists from 22 European countries. Its objective is to acclaim the most outstanding new car to go on sale in the 12 months preceding the date of the title. It is organized by a group of seven leading European publications: Auto (Italy), Autocar (Great Britain), Autopista (Spain), Auto Visie (Holland), L'Automobile Magazine (France), Stern (Germany), and Vi Bilagare

The Ford S-MAX was declared the winner following a closely fought competition in which 41 contenders for the award were reduced to a shortlist of just eight - the Citroën C4 Picasso, Fiat Grande Punto, Ford S-MAX, Honda Civic, Vauxhall Corsa, Peugeot 207, Skoda Roomster and Volvo C30.

"We are absolutely delighted that this all-new model in the Ford range has secured the ultimate accolade as Car of the Year, especially against such worthy competitors and in a year that has seen a record number of eligible contenders," said Roelant de Waard, Chairman and Managing Director, Ford of Britain. "Since we launched
S-MAX earlier this year, we have been amazed at the reaction to the car, both from the opinion forming media as well as our customers."

"This award confirms what we dared to believe - that Ford S-MAX is different, and creates a new vehicle segment in which elements of a sports car and a multi-activity vehicle combine together to deliver
a dynamic and stylish family vehicle that you really want to own," he added.

Commenting on the award, Ray Hutton, the President of the Car of the Year jury said: "This was a very close contest with all eight of the finalists deserving a place on the shortlist. It is clear from the voting that the jury is impressed by the concept of the Ford S-MAX: a spacious and versatile car that drives like a sports saloon. Its victory is well-deserved."

With UK sales of over 4,000 since its launch in June and with the order bank still growing, S-MAX is proving a huge hit with UK customers. Data from sales so far indicates that over 50 per cent of vehicles being sold are top specification, Titanium models and that a similar percentage are being sold to customers who are new to

Available in LX, Zetec and Titanium variants, S-MAX shares the latest technology with the all-new Ford Galaxy including new safety systems with optional Interactive Vehicle Dynamics Control (IVDC) and an optional active suspension system. Both vehicles boast a maximum five star Euro NCAP rating.

It is also the first production Ford vehicle to feature elements of Ford's "kinetic design" language. Sporty styling expresses energy in motion, emphasizing Ford's dynamic driving capabilities in a more overt way.

"We are very excited about the reaction to our "kinetic design" form language," said Martin Smith, Ford of Europe's Executive Director of Design. "The Car of the Year award for S-MAX proves we're on the right track with our invitation to customers to 'Feel the Difference' and our commitment to broaden the appeal of Ford's future European vehicles beyond the rational and into the emotional."

Ford and 'Car of the Year'

The 2007 award for Ford S-MAX marks Ford of Europe's fifth Car of the Year win, with the original Ford Focus last collecting the award in 1999. The Ford Focus set new standards in its class, and won by one of the biggest margins in the award's 44-year history. Ford also won the title in 1993 with the first generation Ford Mondeo, in 1985 with the Ford Scorpio, and in 1981 with the Ford Escort.

S-Max European COTY 2007 - type's'
IMO when you look at the contenders that is a fair result.
S-Max European COTY 2007 - artful dodger {P}
Full report in Telegraph Motoring at:

I did read elsewhere that the Ford S-MAX did not get chosen by any of the judges as their first choice. It rated highly enough among all the judges to make it overall winner.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
S-Max European COTY 2007 - Imagos
Ford have struck gold with the S-Max. No suprise it won.

Does COTY really matter anymore though?

Does it turn into more sales? I suspect with the S-Max it will though.
S-Max European COTY 2007 - Lud
Typical COTY for the present day. No one really likes it, everyone thinks it's all right, that passes for the favourite although some of the judges probably really liked some of the other contenders, but others didn't, probably for the same reasons (e.g. Firm handling/hard ride; advanced styling/weird looking, etc.). I don't usually fancy the car of the year and I don't fancy this one although of course I'm sure it's excellent in many ways. Just don't like cars that look like that, except perhaps Renault Vel Satis :o)
S-Max European COTY 2007 - Altea Ego
New specs needed lud. The Vel satis didnt look anything like the S Max. The Aventime did tho.

Ah the Aventime, Tears well in my eyes to think this magnificent creature got killed off.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
S-Max European COTY 2007 - Lud
They all look like silly little buses to me, although the VS looked a bit sillier... I think it was one of those that a French heavyweight intello of my acquaintance said was suddenly doing 180 ks in without really noticing... he was a bit shocked. Of course we would have been doing 220 and enjoying it...
S-Max European COTY 2007 - Pugugly {P}
Didn't those fine examples of the automotive art the Talbot Horizon and the Fiat Strada win this once upon a time ?
S-Max European COTY 2007 - oilrag
And the Ford anglia once was recommended as the car for the future over the newly introduced Mini back in 1959.......

Are the Diesel engines in this current award winning Ford still on cambelts? :)
S-Max European COTY 2007 - jc2
And the Talbot Solara-sales actually got into double figures in the UK.
S-Max European COTY 2007 - cheddar
Are the Diesel engines in this current award winning Ford still
on cambelts? :)

Good point, the S-Max and Galaxy use the Ford / PSA belt cam diesels as in the Focus, C-Max, V50, 407, C5 etc rather than the Ford / Jag chain cam units in the current Mondeo and X-Type.
S-Max European COTY 2007 - tyro
I did read elsewhere that the Ford S-MAX did not get
chosen by any of the judges as their first choice.

Not actually true

For voting figures, see www.caroftheyear.org/pages/Voting07.htm

S-Max only beat new Corsa by a whisker
S-Max European COTY 2007 - Imagos
Glad the Corsa didn't win. How can these journalists be so smitten by a car when it doesn't come with one of the basics..

A engine water temperature gauge.
S-Max European COTY 2007 - jacks
Reading the (excellent) link - it would appear 7 judges ( out of 57 )made it their overall favourite

the Citroen Picasso C4 was actually the favourite of 17 judges including all 6 French judges!

S-Max European COTY 2007 - jacks
Also noted that none of Swedish - or indeed Norway/Finland/Denmark - rated the Volvo C30 ..............................probably absolutely sick of the sight of Volvos over there!!

wheras Andrew English put in right at the top of his list
S-Max European COTY 2007 - Imagos
Another point of note is that British judge Steve Cropley (editor in chief of Autocar magazine) is in fact Australian!
S-Max European COTY 2007 - tyro
One of the better points of the COTY web site is that one can read the reasons the different judges give for their decisions.

One of the more irritating points is that the translations into English of the non-anglophone contributors are pretty poor, and in some places verging on the incomprehensible - as if they had used Babelfish. Can they not find someone to do a proper translation?
S-Max European COTY 2007 - caesar
Gerhard Nöhrer


About as sporty as a Van can get.

Good discription that!!
S-Max European COTY 2007 - DP
I commute 70 miles a day on busy motorways, and I have yet to see an S-Max on the road. What I have seen in abundance is the new Galaxy.

If I were in the market for a new family car, I would seriously look at it. I bet its brilliant with the Focus ST lump in it.

S-Max European COTY 2007 - Victorbox
Funny they didn't mention the Corsa was second with only three points between them!
S-Max European COTY 2007 - Ed V
Wow. A non-Italian winner!

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