Pug 406 2.1 td new rad - gsb
I have just replaced my rad. I hope I have got all the air out of the system. (I must be stupid I could not see/find one of the bleed screws as per Haynes, but bled the top one by the heater matrix.) If not what symptoms would I get? Thanks.
Pug 406 2.1 td new rad - RichardW
If you were left with air in, it would overheat. Provided this doesn't happen (but check when working it hard, eg pulling up hill on motorway), and the heater is working, it should be OK.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Pug 406 2.1 td new rad - cholin
Have had to drain and refill mine a couple of times and this is the only bleed nipple I could find. Never had a problem.
Pug 406 2.1 td new rad - gsb
Everything seems to be fine. Thanks

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