MGF screeching from back wheels - tom quinn

I have an MGF convertiable yesterday as I was driving along a screeching noise came from the back wheels which is now getting louder. It does get louder when you speed up. It does sometimes stop but when you touch the brakes it starts again

Anyone got any ideas what it may be I dont think its wheel bearings
MGF screeching from back wheels - Dynamic Dave
Brake squeal from what you're saying. It could simply be a build up of brake dust (get the hosepipe out and give the area a good soaking) or something that needs maintenance, such as the brake calipers sticking, or the pads / shoes need replacing if worn.
MGF screeching from back wheels - martint123
Some (many?) brake pads have 'squealers' to indicate they're nearly worn out.
MGF screeching from back wheels - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Come across this on many occasions caused by one or more of the pads becoming siezed in the caliper due to build up of rust scale. Drop the pads out and with a file remove any scale on the caliper and pad mating surfaces. A smear of copper grease on all contact points and the problem should disappear.
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MGF screeching from back wheels - tom quinn
Thank you it would seem that you were right the mgf has brake indicators in the form of clips that make a god awful noise when the pads are near to crumbling

Cheers Tom

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