VW Golf 1.6 driver high tick over??? - jujubadger
hiya! having a problem with my golf 1.6 year 89, seems to be when it warms up, it is extremely high tick over, tapped around on the carb, 2 miles later it started cutting out...8 miles later it got high again! Any ideas on this, would be a massive help to me! Cheers
VW Golf 1.6 driver high tick over??? - ggh1
Check that hot water is flowing through the small dia. hoses that go to and from the carb choke housing and fast idle thermostat. If the hoses do not get hot then you will need to replace the O ring between the inlet manifold and head. If the hoses do get hot, test the fast idle thermostat and the choke pulldown unit.
VW Golf 1.6 driver high tick over??? - pmh
Use the forum search, you will find extra info!

But for a starter try


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VW Golf 1.6 driver high tick over??? - ggh1
I have just had another thought (Senior golden moment). As well as what I have already said in my last posting, check the short brake vacuum rubber hose where it connects to the inlet manifold, it can go soft, collapse and split therefore letting air leak into the inlet manifold. It does not help braking performance either!

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