Atlas beats Sat Nav - Nsar

Atlas beats Sat Nav - Statistical outlier
Sounds about right to me. I'm increasingly convinced that the value of Sat Nav is in the 'last mile'. It's a godsend when trying to find an unfamiliar address in a large city. The rest of the time, a map is a sensible way of proceeding, even if only to check the route the satnav is recommending.
Atlas beats Sat Nav - Altea Ego
Only the driver and passenger using the atlas were allowed to ask directions

Oh I SEE, there was a passenger reading the atlas. Now isnt that convenient.
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Atlas beats Sat Nav - Statistical outlier
Interesting TVM, I didn't pick up on that.

So, the situation we actually have is "interactive, fully autonomous, voice controlled, neural-network based intelligent navigation system (human) using up to date mapping and knowledge based routing (roadmap) beats conventional sat nav system (which is probably using out of date map data because of the OS licence requirements pushing companies to Teleatlas)".

Hardly a surprise there was no contest is it? My gf is a brilliant map reader, I'd trust her over my satnav any day. She's not there for my work drives tho, so satnav is massively useful.

Atlas beats Sat Nav - tr7v8
So they set the sat nav to shortest & then expected the quickest time!!!!
If they'd set quickest then it wouldn't have used the minor roads & would have got there faster! But that wouldn't have confirmed what they wanted would it?
I don't know any one who uses shortest routing on a Sat Nav & can't see any reason to. Also was the driver reading each of these navigation aids at the time, damn glad didn't meet hi coming the other way with a piece of paper on his steering wheel!
This confirms why I don't read the DT!
Atlas beats Sat Nav - Dipstick
We often use shortest on leisure drives. It takes us through country villages we wouldn't have found otherwise, where we can stop and explore as we fancy, and makes a nicer journey than belting along the A whatever.

Atlas beats Sat Nav - George Porge
Borrowed my Bro-in-laws recently did 2 journeys one as a test, I knew the route and the other I relied on the satnav.

Very impressed, over the route I knew it did take me a different way than I'd usually take, but the journey time was similar (Sunday morning and no traffic). On the way back I drove my prefered route and TomTom just recalculated each time I took the "wrong" turn.

The journey I borrowed it for Crewe to Leicester in the dark 172 miles in 3 hours (Sunday evening and no traffic) driving alone with 10 minutes spent at the destination (I love ebay ;o)). Only about 50 miles of this was motorway, mostly A50.

Very impressed, I want one ;o) She says n :o(
Atlas beats Sat Nav - stevied
Ebay is a way of getting to know your way round the UK, if nothing else....

I bought a jetski in Rutland not long ago. Nantwich is like London compared to anywhere in Rutland. I imagine Crewe would be a comparative Hong Kong....

Atlas beats Sat Nav - helicopter
SWMBO has been my navigator for years but unfortunately her eyesight is very poor nowadays and she cannot read the road atlas.

I swore I would never get such a toy as Satnav but eventually relented as her eyesight got worse and I exchanged one female voice telling where to go for another.I

We decided to go and visit a National Trust Garden at Sheffield Park in East Sussex last Saturday so I entered the Tonbridge postcode into the Satnav and off we went.

Eventually we arrived at a very nice private road around 20 miles from our intended destination as inadvertantly I had input a 2 instead of a 3 in the postcode........

SWMBO was not amused but we did eventually reach our destination (using road atlas ).Used the Satnav going home and it took half the time of going.

Generally though the Satnav is brilliant when going to somewhere you have not visited before .
Atlas beats Sat Nav - daveyjp
My sat nav has such places if interest pre loaded. Extremely useful as they often have difficult addresses. Mine took me straight to Jodrell Bank, which despite it's size and being visible from half of Cheshire is quite difficult to find once you get close. An Atlas would have been useless.
Atlas beats Sat Nav - Altea Ego
I too use the "shortest route" as a sightseeing exercise. I was once at East Midlands Airport and was going home (in surrey)

The radio said the motorway was a disaster zone, I had all afternoon so I went "shortest route"
It took a few hours but boy did I see areas of the country I have never seen before!
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Atlas beats Sat Nav - smokie
And satnav really comes into it's own when driving abroad, where the signage is often not as good or clear as we are used to, and you are concentrating on unfamiliar places, language and driving styles.
Atlas beats Sat Nav - Mr.Tee.43
Another bonus using satelite navigation is in foggy situations,driving along an unfamiliar road.A quick glance and you can "see " where the road goes,when a junction is coming up,etc.

It,s a bit like flying in cloud on instruments.
Atlas beats Sat Nav - Altea Ego
where do you live mr Tee?

I need to see if my life cover needs increasing
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Atlas beats Sat Nav - Lud
where do you live mr Tee?
I need to see if my life cover needs increasing

One of the more memorable lifts of my hitchhiking days, TVM, was in a new shape Ford Anglia van, in thick fog on a twisty bit of the London end of the A1, somewhere around Hatfield, at the end of the fifties. Side valves and three speeds or not, the thing went pretty well and the driver was sliding the tail on bends, I kid you not. He must have known the road far better than the back of his hand because he was relaxed, cheerful and chatting throughout. I could see nothing whatsoever through the screen except fog. Some people really do seem to have esp or X-ray vision or other superhuman abilities.
Atlas beats Sat Nav - Mr.Tee.43
Don't knock it till you have experienced it,and if you havn't, try it.
Atlas beats Sat Nav - colinh
"This confirms why I don't read the DT!"

Ditto. Now only read the Telegraph PM edition on the web....and HJ answers are emailed on the following Wednesday/Thursday.

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