2005/6 astra cdti EGR fault - silvervanman
Fault light came up yesterday and it got a bit sluggish on a slight motorway incline. (8 months old 25k miles). Light continued to stay on for the rest of the days work until i got to my mates place and we plugged in his tech2. Forget the fault code, but it stated exhaust gas emmision recirculation limit exceeded (or something along those lines).....cleared the code and she ran today OK 250 miles without the fault re-appearing. Any ideas if this may be serious????
2005/6 astra cdti EGR fault - jc2
Sounds like EGR sticking open.Take it back to the dealer.
2005/6 astra cdti EGR fault - silvervanman
Thanks JC....booked it in for tuesday under warranty. Incidently, she's started pinking now - presumably related?.

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