Engine management light Polo 1.0,'01 - rover 75
The e/m light on my Daughters Polo came on recently , took it to a VW specialist and his diagnosis was that a misfire was showing on the faultcode . so far as I'm aware it has never misfired and he switched the warning light off , it has now come on again athough the cars running fine it's intermittent and tends to come on when the engines idling . Any ideas ?
Engine management light Polo 1.0,'01 - Big John
Could be the ignition leads ( I believe the 1.0 still has them) be arcing slightly and causing a slight misfire now the cold damp weather is here. Try replacing them (& plugs for luck).

Could also be the coil pack starting to show initial signs of breaking down. With the engine ticking over press the accelerator pedal hard to the floor for a split second, if you get a slight "two cylinder" hesitance then the coil pack could be on its way. If it is, replace asap as it could eventually take out the CPU

MAF sensor need cleaning or replacing?
Engine management light Polo 1.0,'01 - rover 75
Thanks Big John I shall try your advice.

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