306 rear axle bearings - thomp1983
ok, got a 306 dturbo where the rear suspension creaks at one side. the axle has been apart and lowered and the trailing arms removed during this process. once reassembled there is a squeaking sound if you push down the rear on that side. i assume it's the bearings have been disturbed as it has new rear axle bushes and the rest of the setup was carefully cleaned and refitted.

is it possible to do the rear axle bearings diy i have a spare rear axle tube with old bearings? i assume they are pressed into the axle tube? if so what is the best way of removing the current bearings? also are there set markings for the positions or is it easier to mark them before removal?

if diy really is unviable how much are you looking at if you took the axel tube to a garage pre stripped?

306 rear axle bearings - thomp1983

306 rear axle bearings - RichardW
AFAIK changing the bearings is not a DIY proposition really. You need a lot of tools (like slide hammers with internal bearing pullers) and you need some special gauges to re-set the position of the trailing arms. The best bet is to replace the subframe with a known good one - but then you need to get the right ride height and brake configuration. A called SSP Engineering IIRC used to do refurbed frames - £350 fitted seems to ring a bell.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....

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