New car, incorrect V5 document... - Nickdm
Picked up a brand new Volvo V50 last month. 10 days later (after I've gone away for 2 weeks) the V5 document arrives in the post: they've logged the car as a V70!

Guess I simply need to send the amended doc back to Swansea... Do you think I'd be in serious trouble if I get stopped by the authorities in the meantime?
New car, incorrect V5 document... - Lud
Do you think I'd be in serious trouble if
I get stopped by the authorities in the meantime?

The death penalty for this offence was dropped by the Harold Wilson government during the sixties. However it does carry a mandatory life sentence according to my legal fantasist. Do not drive the vehicle under any circumstances.

{just so there is no misunderstanding, I'm sure Lud is joking here, but forgot to add a ;o) to indicate so - DD}
New car, incorrect V5 document... - bell boy
suggest you go outside now and physically remove all badges,this should give you enough time to get the authorities to update your data,consider doing all neighbours cars as well just in case there is a spy in the sky

good luck

ps put stamp on letter to dvla sa99

suggest you phone them first thing in morning (they open 7.30) speak to relevant person (button 4?) and log the time and person spoken to,she/he will probably give you a personal postcode to speed up the error

ok :-)
New car, incorrect V5 document... - Simon
Its not uncommon for the details on a vehicles first V5 to be incorrect, it happens quite a bit. I know this because it happened to me and it wasn't just one thing that was wrong, it was three things. One was the make of motorcycle, they managed to mix up Aprilia with Lambretta. How the hell the DVLA did that god only knows (it should have read Aprilia by the way). Another thing they got wrong on the same V5 was the frame number. Not completely wrong, but they had mixed up characters, ie a 5 instead of an S etc. And the third thing I can't remember but I believe it was either my name or part of the address.

How do I know it happens a bit, because I know of other people who have had the same problems with new vehicle registrations. Another thing that strikes me is whenever you get a V5 through the post for a new vehicle how often do you check that the chassis number and engine number are correct? I bet 99% of you don't, and I include myself in that 99%. The only reason I noticed my frame number was wrong is because of the other details being incorrect, so I checked the lot.

As for getting it sorted I found that a nice polite letter to the DVLA with the incorrect V5 included pointing out the mistakes, soon got me another V5 with everything right. No fuss, no hassle. And in the meantime I wouldn't worry about getting stopped, in the unlikely event just explain what the circumstances are regarding the V5.
New car, incorrect V5 document... - Armitage Shanks {p}
All the above is good comment/advice. My V5 had the fuel of my car wrong, petrol instead of diesel! Reports suggest that up to 1 in 5 driver and vehicle records at Swansea are not correct so your V5 is one error in about 50 million records and 10 million wrong ones. No need to lose any sleep!!
New car, incorrect V5 document... - Stuartli
>>No need to lose any sleep!!>>

Apart from the fact that a very considerable amount of money is spent using the DVLA's services by the general public and is apparently attracting only an average service in return in many cases, the authorities themselves come down very heavily on members of the general public if they make similar errors.

What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander...:-)
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New car, incorrect V5 document... - Aprilia
I suspect a large number of these errors are down to dealers making errors on the forms. When I checked the dealer paperwork just prior to purchase of my sister's Suzuki Swift they were about to register it as a 1300 instead of a 1500.
New car, incorrect V5 document... - Ruperts Trooper
Take your car and the V5 back to the selling dealer and insist they replace your V50 with a V70!
New car, incorrect V5 document... - rtj70
Is your vehicle RHD and UK registered if you live in France? Or is your profile now out of date? I'd have thought LHD made more sense.

As for an error on a V5, sure it can easily be corrected.
New car, incorrect V5 document... - ffidrac {P}
Bought a new Perodua Kenari in 2001, was stopped by the 'boys' as the car was the wrong colour! V5 said Burgandy, car was Gold.

Sent off V5 amended and received new one no problem....

Just bought (4 weeks ago) a new Toyota Yaris.

V5 was addressed to wrong house! (Thanks to vigilant postie I received it). Sent off amended V5, not received it back yet though.

Wonder if the next new car (in 5 years time) will have correct details on V5?????????

As to your 'serious trouble' I don't think so, the reg no & vin should check out OK

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