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The car of choice for Central Roma is the Smart. A regular short smart parks well nose in just like the Fiat 500 used to, Smarts are everywhere. They shrug off dents well too (Every car in Rome is scuffed or dented). Crossing the road is an art for pedestrians. You have to learn to walk at a steady pace and let them drive round you, it works well, but dont stop - you will get run over.

I have in the past week, used every form of transport (train, boat, plane, & bus) to and in italy. It all worked really well. didn't miss the car once.

Good to sea Lancia still alive and well, Mrs RF seems to fancy a baby lancia Ypsilon, and is still drooling over the grande punto. The Thesis certainly seems to be around in fair numbers, and it looks 1000% better in the flesh and has great presence.

And finally, you get all dolled up in your fancy police uniform and you get lumbered with this......
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thoughts from Italy. - Vincent de Marco
Seen any "Polizia Stradale" in their Gallardos ?
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thoughts from Italy. - local yokel
Love the pic, TVM. Bet they are annoyed with people asking if they've got post for them.
thoughts from Italy. - tyro
Agree about the Thesis.
thoughts from Italy. - blue_haddock
How very odd! I've just come back from 4 days in Rome too!

Yes the Smart is everywhere and yes the modern Lancia's do look very nice - probably do better over here than the Stilo and Marea.

My thoughts on the driving and parking in rome was that thir all bleeding bonkers!

Did you see any of the Carabinieri's Alfa 159's? Looked very mean and menacing when combined with their lights and red flashes up the bonnet.
thoughts from Italy. - Nickdm
Some of thoe modern Lancias may look nice, but they ain't cheap! They command a hefty premium over their Fiat equivalents that I don't think many of us would pay! UK£13k+ for a Musa, anyone?!

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