Bmw 528 brake judder - hitshot
Hello need some help a friend of mine has a T-reg BMW 528i he took it to a BMW garage because when he broke the steering wheel shook! They said it needed front discs and pads, I fitted the new parts and for about two weeks it happened again so i swapped the brakes again and for about two weeks was fine, I have now replaced the front discs five times with three different makes of discs and pads including genuine BMW parts and the problem still occurs!! My friend took it back to BMW and they said yes that sometimes happens, you have to keep on changing the discs until you find a set that doesn't shake anymore! i Thought this was rubbish so today i fitted another set of discs drove it until i could get up to 80mph put the brakes on and the steering shook!! I took the new discs off of the car and had them checked at a machinists and they are running true!! the hubs are running true as well!! Does anyone know what this problem could be???? PLEASE HELP ITS DRIVING ME MAD KEEP ON FITTING DISCS!!!! I'M GETTING A NERVOUS TWITCH!!!!
Bmw 528 brake judder - Number_Cruncher
With painstaking care, I would be checking 2 things;

1) All of the bushes and ball joints of the front suspension and steering

2) That the hubs themselves run true

Bmw 528 brake judder - Roger Jones
Obviously not corrosion on fresh discs (that's what caused a similar problem on my Capri). What about the steering damper? I assume that BMWs have them, as MBs do (and, for all I know, all cars do). It is also said that these symptoms can happen on "vehicles with nonstandard running gear . . . increased tendency to warp brake discs because of reduced brake ventilation" (MB E-Class owner's manual).
Bmw 528 brake judder - jc2
Not many cars have steering dampers-in fact,most cars don't need them.They are usually needed to overcome concerns that should have designed out in the first place.
Bmw 528 brake judder - Hamsafar
I think you may have brake shimmy rather than brake judder.
As NC says it will be worn suspension arm bushes.
Try to use genuine ones as aftermarket ones are usually poor quality.
Also, make sure you read the manual about how much weight needs to be in the car when you torque the bolts.
Bmw 528 brake judder - Aprilia
This vintage of 5-series is known for front-end problems of this nature. Chief culprit is wear in the suspension (bushes and balljoints). It is not always evident when the weight is on the car. Ideally you need the front wheels hanging free and then pry at all the arms etc with a bar and check for any movement. If you find movement in any one location then usually its 'partner' on the other side of the car is also worthy of replacement. Don't forget the inner balljoints on the rack either.

When all has been checked/sorted put your new discs on and measure the runout with a dial indicator. Then mount up the wheels and tighten the lugs evenly with a torque wrench. Drive the car gently for a couple of hundred miles to allow the new discs and pads to bed in.
Bmw 528 brake judder - braindead
that has to be suspension bushes,has it got macphearson struts if so its the shocks

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