E300 P reg or so - No FM2R
Anybody know how to switch the temperature delay between centigrade and farenheit. I didn't even know you could, until I saw someone had changed one.

I can't find any instructions, but anyway, you know how it goes -> no_fm2r.
E300 P reg or so - Armitage Shanks {p}
What is the temperature delay - a relay perhaps? Sarcasm NOT intended!
E300 P reg or so - Another John H
Any advance on _display_ in farenheit or centigrade?
E300 P reg or so - No FM2R
Its when your fingers type one thing despite your brain saying something else..


So sorry, I meant the temperature display.
E300 P reg or so - Bagpuss
If it's like the C Class I used to have, you need to turn the ignition on, then scroll through the menu selection using the arrow buttons on the steering wheel. Select the setting "Driver Settings" (approximate translation as I had the German version) using the page button on the steering wheel. You should then be able to scroll through a sub menu to select between imperial and metric settings for various things (e.g. temperature, fuel consumption). Note, on the C Class this would only work if the vehicle was stationary.

Thought you had an AMG, No FM2R?
E300 P reg or so - No FM2R
>>Thought you had an AMG, No FM2R?

I do, this one is my father's - hence not knowing the exact age. Its one with the very limited display on the bottom of the dash which gives little more than temperature, mileage and time. The temperature is in Farenheit - which is irritating.
E300 P reg or so - BobbyG
Just as an aside, when talking high temperatures, I like to hear it in Fahrenheit. But low temps I want in Centigrade!
E300 P reg or so - Honestjohn
If it has an OBDII diagnostics port in the cabin, it may have to be changed by a man with a laptop and the right programme. Maybe an independent MB specialist has the kit.

E300 P reg or so - Imagos
On the VW Passat '97- '05 and '05 onwards with climate (or indeed any VW with climate) press the hot and cold buttons simutainiously.

Different car I know but maybe of some use to VW owners.

IIRC this applies to Audis with climate too.

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