C Class Sports Coupe - Ed V
Given John's advice, it seems to me that the petrol engines are the ones to go for, and the two smaller ones, 200 and 230, are much more frugal on juice and likely to avoid future swinging taxes.
Anyone have a view on which of these Kompressor engines are the better bet?

C Class Sports Coupe - cellarman

I have`nt got a Coupe but do have a C class 180 Kompressor estate, egine size 1796cc. This is giving me 36mpg around town and easily 45mpg on a run, I can if I pussy foot it on a run get up to, my best so far, 53mpg Was over in Germany last year for the Xm,as fairs and was able to blat along at 140mph for a brief while !! Have no idea what the consumption was then I`m afraid ! Back home in Blighty it will cruise at 70-75mph and engine speed is only 2100 rpm, this is my first Kompressor engine and it is a little beauty and so smooth. Hope this is of some help to you.
C Class Sports Coupe - Ed V
Thanks for that, cellarman, (in the brewing business!?). I had meant to add the C180 so it's helpful to have your views on it. I'm sure HMG will soon penalise 2 ltr+ engines, so smaller makes sense, and I don't need whell spinning performance.>>
C Class Sports Coupe - boxsterboy
Of course the Sports Coupe won't be around for that much longer, and I'm not sure if the forthcoming W204 C Class will be offered in Coupe shape. I hope it will be, because I think they are attractive cars.

This may, or may not, be of importance to you.
C Class Sports Coupe - Bagpuss
I've driven a C180K and a C200K. Both pull very strongly from low revs. The 200K is noticeably more powerful but the 180K is much better than I would have expected for such a heavy car. I think both are actually 1.8 litre.

The fuel economy was comparable between the two and also very good as I have a heavy right foot. What I didn't like was the accompanying whine, presumably from the supercharger, which sounds so much less refined than an equvalent BMW straight six.
C Class Sports Coupe - MichaelR
The Class Sports Coupe is neither sporty, not a Coupe. It is simply an entry level Mercedes hatchback with a glamerous name - Merc equivilent to the much lamented BMW 3 Series Compact, or the 1 Series.

I suggest you look at the CLK instead - a true Coupe.
C Class Sports Coupe - Ed V
I hear poor reports of the CLK, and it's quite a big car, which I don't want. The Coupe however has two decent rear seats and a decent boot in less space I reckon. It's certainly a more practical choice than the cut-off BMW1 which has a boot like a MINI.

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