Car failed it's test to become a taxi - telecaster
Oh dear, took my galaxy in yesterday for it's suitability test for taxi.

Thought it would be a quick glance over job and home..................

But no.................tester informed me that as car had no spare wheel he could not pass it..........

So that mean i have to get a galaxy spare , plus a jack, plus a wheel brace and return.

Another round trip of 120 miles just so he can look in the luggage area at the wheel..............

This non spare is gonna cause a lot of hassle i fact I may even buy one!

I wonder what the situation in the uk is with this?

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What would happen with the increasing number of cars that have run flat tyres or "get me home kits" because there is no space for a spare?
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The car in question is the mk 3 galaxy, comes with bottle of sealant and small compressor as standard!
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Would you seriously consider running a vehicle, providing a public service for cash, without a spare wheel.? Passengers missing flights or appointments for the lack of a spare. It doesn't seem that sensible!
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Further to my post of 6 minutes - sorry I didn't know that! However, how far and how fast would you drive a vehicle, 4 up with luggage, on a wheel bodged up with sealant. It is get you home, not get you to LHR and back!
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I wonder what the situation in the uk is with this?


telecaster - presume that means you are not in the uk?

the uk "taxi" requirements are explained at

full list of the documents at the bottom of that page, but see these iin particular:

FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 - telecaster
I am in southern Ireland "Kenny"!

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