Is it me or is it ugly. - type's'
Looks like Honda have delivered another very good car to the market place in the CRV (having read the recent reviews) but is it me or is it a bit ugly looking - and I like the Civic.
Is it me or is it ugly. - Chuckie888
Yes, the front isn't the prettiest. The last revamp of the Accord spoiled the front too :-( Just when we thought the Japanese 'were back'! That is, the design matches the engineering. But it's another Subaru.
Is it me or is it ugly. - type's'
Agreed on all counts. If I were to have another accord it would need to have the sport/type s grill front instead of that chrome bar across the middle.
Is it me or is it ugly. - AlanGowdy
I seem to be in a minority in quite liking the chunky look of the FRV.

I'd not have one of those Civics though - that squashed shape, transparent plastic grille and Thunderbirds-are-go dashboard looked dated after about three months on the market. At least they're dependable.

Still, from what I've seen, the sporty variants are much better looking - amazing what fancy wheels and bright paint can do.
Is it me or is it ugly. - Chuckie888
Yes, I think the FRV is quite nice too and so do Mercedes but we never hear about Germans copying Japanese designs, only the other way around. I thought the recessed door handles on the early 90s RX7 looked good and so did Alfa, but who got all the plaudits because of Top Gear's Jezzer(or is it Jizzer?) banging on about the Italian design detail.

BTW We were talking about the CRV
Is it me or is it ugly. - PhilW
I quite like the CRV as SUVs go but this looks better

and this looks awful

All a matter of personal taste I guess

Is it me or is it ugly. - stevied
Modern Peugeots are a disgrace.

I saw one of those 407 Coupé things the other day. Vile. How can they not notice that the previous one was gorgeous and the new one is stupid?

As ever, IMHO.

On a Peugeot tack, does anybody remember the 104 Barchetta? I remember it being symmetrical.

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