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Cruising along M62 today, SWMBO asked exactly where in Manchester was the location that the "Manchester 7 miles" referred to?
I think the mileposts on old pre-motorway roads gave distances to the parish church of the next town, does anyone know what the current system is?
M-way distance-to signs - JH
I thought it was the town hall?
M-way distance-to signs - PoloGirl
I thought it was the station! :-/
M-way distance-to signs - Adam {P}
I thought it was the city limits.
M-way distance-to signs - bell boy
a programme on the box last year said it was indeed town halls but it was on the bbc
M-way distance-to signs - Avant
It's some central point. In London it always used to be Charing Cross, but I'm not sure if it still is.

I think you can take it that the mileage will be to somewhere in the city / town centre.
M-way distance-to signs - PhilW
"In London it always used to be Charing Cross"

I always thought it was Marble Arch - but I don't know why!
Centre of London is... - henry k
"Where Is The Centre Of London?"
"...the actual point for measuring the distance to and from London is located at Charing Cross, Westminster."

"the real reason goes back over 700 years to the reign of Edward I." Sorry this is not a motoring link.

The original cross was south of Trafalgar Square where the statue of King Charles I now stands. A plaque can be found on the floor behind the statue stating that mileage distances on road signage are still measured from this point.

Distances from London;

Manchester 184 miles
Liverpool 198 miles
Paris 257 miles
Glasgow 389 miles
Geneva 539 miles
Rome 1118 miles
Los Angeles 5455 miles
Bangkok 5931 miles
Sydney 10,500 miles
The moon 240,000 miles (approx.)

Centre of London is... - bell boy
a bbc link sorry if it said sid of peckham i would have more faith these days...........shame really
Centre of London is... - frazerjp
Appologies for going slightly off subject of London but what's the official milege from Land's end to John o'Groats?
Its not what you drive, its how you drive it! :-)
Centre of London is... - Avant
The figure of 874 rings a bell - but there are so many different ways to go.

Maybe 874 is what it says in the signposts at each end.
Lands End to John O'Grots is - henry k
Maybe 874 is what it says in the signposts at each end.
Indeed. see the links below

(Google & 874 miles gets 92K hits)



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