C230 Central Locking - Topemup
My central locking system fails to work when locking the doors. The doors always open succesfully from the remote and the alarm will also activate and de-activate so there is no problem with the infra-red detection, The boot pump does not run during locking but always runs on opening so something is lost between the infra-red and the pump. This fault sometimes clears during Hot weather so I suspect it's damp related, also the auto window close fails if the locking does not work. Are ther sensors in the doors or is the only tie in with the interior mirror. Any help would be great!!
C230 Central Locking - elekie&a/c doctor
Make sure the interior light circuit works from all doors.Check the door pin/courtesy light plastic switches for operation.The cdl system will not lock properly if it thinks a door is not fully closed.
Mercedes C230 Central Locking - Topemup
Thanks but all the door switches work correctly ,the system will also lock from the remote interior (dashboard) switch. I have done a lot of troubleshooting this week and the fault seems to lie with no close signal being passed to the vacuum pump but I have not been able to locate the central locking control unit Do you know if this unit is buried behind the speedometer? My car does not have any sensors or infrared units in the front doors the wiring colours at the interior mirror and on the pump do not match so I am alost certain there is a control module somewhere also it is not in the passenger footwell as the only units there are the driver authority and indicator repeater flor the alarm.
Mercedes C230 Central Locking - 659FBE
Find the "comfort control module" and check it's not wet, or has been wet. I'm not familiar with your particular model, but on some MB vehicles of this vintage, it's in the boot at the bottom and gets wet. Catch it before it's wrecked - they're expensive.


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