Audi A3 "open" door when closed - El Hacko
occasionally, according to dashboard computer, driver's door is "open" tho' it is clearly tightly shut, so interior lights stay on til I firmly shut it, usually 2-3 times needed.
Any hints on what to look for appreciated, pse - no obvious sign of a sensor.
T'iz 03 5 door, BTW.

A3 "open" door when closed - Alec
I take it you are referring to an Audi A3 ?
The "door-open" switches are in the door lock assembly.
If your handy with a soldering iron they can be changed with parts from Maplin.
Otherwise you need to replace the whole lock.
This is for a Passat but you will get the idea :

A3 "open" door when closed - El Hacko
Many thanks Alec - yes, Audi {Now added to subject header - DD}

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