Scooters and bikes in respark - Lud
Some motorcycle parking, which I believe is free, can be seen here and there in London. But where I live people usually put their scooters or motor bikes in the residents' parking slots. Doesn't always matter, but what with one thing and another one sometimes longs to just ignore the damn things and crush them or move them.

Some cyclists have the good sense to leave them on the pavement, which inconveniences no one and leaves much needed space for badly parked cars.

However this I believe is illegal.

It shouldn't be. Indeed it should be the correct place to park these small, fragile, expensive, polluting, space-guzzling devices.

Politicians take note. This is a serious suggestion.
Scooters and bikes in respark - Robin Reliant
Perhaps they should all bring their cars into town instead, then the parking problem would be eased considerably.
Scooters and bikes in respark - Lud
Nothing against bikes RR. It's just that in a parking bay they can, if parked badly, take up as much space as a car which is obviously absurd. On a decent pavement though they don't get in anyone's way. Of course it only matters where space is tight, but it often is round here.
Scooters and bikes in respark - bell boy
you cant beat a still saw lud

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