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Have trouble locking/unlocking both drivers and passengers door with key. Central locking also intermittent. I know that these locks are relatively crap and the key wears out (it is) but the spare key, whcih isn't worn is just as bad, so the problem is obviously with the lock mechanism. Is there an easy (cheap) cure for this, if not how difficult is it to replace the locks and any idea whrere I can source them at a reasonable cost ? It is my girlfriends car so (she's a poor nurse!) so would like to keep locks/ignition as a set, but if it needs seperate keys for doors and ignition then so be it
Orion 92 Door lock problems - daveyjp
Your spare key won't work because the barrels have worn. A Ford dealer will build a new barrel to match the existing - it's a few years since I had to replace one but it was about £40.
Orion 92 Door lock problems - piston power
a few years ago at ford i got a lock set for my sierra for £60.00 that included all the locks inc the ignition it was worth it a single door lock was expensive enough!! maybe you can still get them im not sure? or a ford breakers may have a set?.good luck.
Orion 92 Door lock problems - bell boy
ive seen them advertised for pennies on ebay
they are dead easy to rebuild yourself to the good key just dismantle a few scrappie locks and put the tumblers in the right order (they are numbered 1 to 4 )
get a kit from ford to rebuild
as said let ford do it £35/40
put a hasp on the door with a nice big beefy padlock? (seen it done)
More Orion Door lock info please! - bk.bas
thanks for all the info. There are indeed some on e-bay. Does anyone know if there is any difference between mk4 & 5 locks, are they common across the Ford range (eg Fiesta Sierra etc) and are the central and non-central locking ones different (I want to get the locks before I dismnantle the door panels!)
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If they look the same then they probably are, although this is Fords we're talking about not ANSI! There is no difference between central and manually locking versions.

If you're on a budget then it's probably better off rebuilding the locks youself. I got a set of two Mk4 rebuild kits from www.gbmparts.co.uk/ for £37 all in. However, you may find out as I did that the new barrels wouldn't fit in the door (the one's they sent were the ones that were listed) so I had to pick the old locks apart and use the original barrels/plugs, though mine were not worn just all different key combinations!

The process for rebuild is described here www.fordscorpio.co.uk/doorlockbld.htm . Smear grease between the wafers when assembling and look carefully at the wafer pin recesses. As recommended, try the key in the lock before replacing the plug locator.

However I do stress that I don't know if it's just the wafers or the entire barrel that gets worn. Anyone? If it's just the wafers then it may be worth being cheeky and asking GBM for just some wafers and two plug locators as they're all the same size.

Mike Farrow
More Orion Door lock info please! - mfarrow
Just spotted your earlier thread (which will probably be attached to this later today - Yep - DD) and noticed yours is a Mk5, so you might not have the new barrel incompatibility problem as I did.

Mike Farrow
More Orion Door lock info please! - bell boy
most of the locks are indeed different
escort/fiesta are incompatable as regards the barrel length and fittings
the door locks are also handed you can tell by the bit on the end
i forgot to add earlier i used to buy brand new in a box ford lock sets that comprised]
filler cap
ignition barrel
2 x door locks (without the plastic lug for the central locking)
boot lock

all in at fords for £65

just looked in my stores dungeon and come up with a ford box that i think is what you want

88AB B22050 AC

FINIS CODE 1661660

description latch-table
Orion 92 Door lock problems - stuartl
Ford Locks are crapper than crap! I bought a two year old escort in 1992 with 26000 miles on the clock.
I picked the car up on December 29th and the passenger door had frozen shut after the car was steam cleaned prior to my collecting it. As a result the door often wouldn't latch, the driver's door being the same. Both door barrels were replaced as was the boot one that was also sticky.

Two years and 40000 miles later all the locks died again and Ford charged me £175-00 for new barrels to two doors plus one for the boot. When I challenged Ford Headquarters the dimwit girl said that as the car had covered 66000 miles that was an acceptable lifespan for the locks. When I explained that the locks had been on the car for just two years and 40000 miles she replied " well, we wouldnt expect them to last any longer than that".

One loyal Ford Customer lost due to unbelievably poor customer relations.

After that I kept the Escort for five days and then traded it in for a new Pug 306.

(I now have a 13 year old BMW 318i thats on it original locks, keyfob battery and just about original everything else)

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