CMC Rocket 1450cc - 1066
i know this is a car forum but ive just seen one of these bikes for sale and ive never heard of it and i wondered if any of you have?
a search on google turns up the californian motorcycle company but nothing else.

regards ann
CMC ROCKET 1450cc - Robin Reliant
One of the many US cottage industry bike builders using a harley engine to make a unique custom motorcycle which looks just like every other Harley engined unique custom motorcycle ever made.
CMC Rocket 1450cc - Clanger
i know this is a car forum ....

It's a *motoring* forum. Many of us welcome posts about motorbikes.

Can't help with the subject though.
Stranger in a strange land
CMC Rocket 1450cc - 1066
the bike is in my local cruiser bike sales shop.
i saw it in the window and it looks really nice.
ive looked at jap cruisers and not very impressed. looked at harleys and they ok but this cmc bike looks different and have found info on the cmc company.
started in 1996 and bought out by indian m/c company. they did custom choppers. when open monday i'll go and have a proper look. its a 1998 up a t 8k which seems a lot for a bike but dont know what effect the rarity will have on its value

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