Sony Sat Nav - wmo
I am considering purchasing the Sony NVU70T Sat Nav.

Does anyone have any experience with this sat nav or any other sony navigation equipment?
Sony Sat Nav - Altea Ego
There is no good reason to choose the sony over a navman or tomtom. Sales have been disapointing and future support and updates are likely to be patchy.

Only get the Sony if it very cheap.
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Sony Sat Nav - type's'
I am a fan of Sony products because of their quality but I agree with TVM - and my views are based on a friends recent decision to return his to the shop - he was very disappointed with it. Look at Costco - selling Navman 530 for £140 which is about £100 cheaper than normal retail.
Sony Sat Nav - Dipstick
I have the U70T and would agree with the patchiness of support. But It works fine and I like it, especially as I have tweaked it to speak speed camera alerts and tourist info for me.

But for "operational" reasons I also have a TomTom, and that is the superior product.

Bear in mind that next month the Sony U80 is due out, with all new software, widescreen and internal sensors so that it won't lose your position if the gps signal vanishes - I'll be looking at that with interest anyway.

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