Navman ICN530 - Dave E
Costco have got this on offer for a tad over £140 at the end of the month. Any one here had use of it or similar?
Navman ICN530 - Altea Ego
If thats really an ICN530 that is VERY cheap.

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Navman ICN530 - Peter D
I use a 570 and very good it is too. I assume it comes with UK Maps only. Regards Peter
Navman ICN530 - Wales Forester
I too have seen this in the latest Costco book, looks to be a very good price. I'd also be interested in actual user reviews.
Comes with UK & Ireland maps installed and European maps on CD according to the blurb.
Navman ICN530 - Collos25
I used one at the beginning of the year with full Europe wide mapping does what it says on the box.
I believe Makro in the UK were or are doing the same for £99 plus vat.
Navman ICN530 - Quinny100
I've been considering one of these too - a couple of sites, including Dabs, show the 530 as discontinued but it is still shown on Navman's web site. I suspect it may be about to be replaced but thats always going to be the case with any of these devices at the moment.

Although the 530 wasn't tested, the 520 and 550 did well in Autoexpress tests - the 520 was criticised for no full postcode search and a high price (£299) - the 530 does full postcode and is half the price.

Costco have an excellent returns policy and will take back anything you are not happy with, but I suspect you would probably turn a profit selling it on ebay if you weren't happy.
Navman ICN530 - Dave E
Turns out this was a bigger bargain than Costco must have expected as it sold out within hours. But being the excellent retailer they are, they honoured the offer when new stocks came in. The bonus being the new stock was the N20. I got mine yesterday for a tad over £140 and first impressions are it is much better than the system fitted in my Mondeo and at less than 10% of the cost.

Speed camera locations are included for 1 month free thereafter a subscription is payable, Not sure if I would want to pay but it does work. I used it today to visit the metal men on Crosby beach and it took me there without a hitch. The directions given are far more descriptive than the Ford O/E unit.

First impressions 10/10

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