mondeo suspension noise - disco dave
1990 mondeo 2lt auto. i get sharp cracking sound when turing right somtimes. i have checked the suspension and cant find anything wrong. any ideas.
mondeo suspension noise - tr7v8
Broken coil spring, seized steering UJ?
mondeo suspension noise - Waino
A few weeks back, my '97 Mondeo had developed a sound under the front like a tin can being dragged on the road which was most noticeable when turning right - the sharper the turn, the louder the noise. The racket got worse and worse during the final 2 weeks before I became very nervous and took it in, There was no noise during normal driving and the steering/handling didn't appear to be affected.

It turned out to be the o/s cv joint.
mondeo suspension noise - bell boy
do i win a prize if i point out no such thing as a 1990 mondaewoo?

Jack it up much further and check for a broken spring (be careful they can be like razors)
mondeo suspension noise - disco dave
this prob seems to happen when i set off after breaking at a junction.or after reversing out of my drive and moving off. it happens intermitantly. i thought like you it was a broken spring. but cant see anything wrong with it. but i did not jack it up very high. can they be hard to spot .and will jacking it up higher make it show up more .
mondeo suspension noise - Waino
I'll bet you a pint to a packet of crisps that it's the cv joint - from the description, it sounds just the same as mine did! Braking, turning, just setting off etc. I couldn't see anything wrong underneath either.

I got the bill today; breaking it out from the 130,000 mile service - the cv joint and boot cost £40.89 plus an hours labour £27.50 plus vat.

Let us know what happens.
mondeo suspension noise - disco dave
i will also look at the cv joint .any ideas how to check them?
mondeo suspension noise - DP
Jack up the front of the car and support it securely on axle stands. Stick a jack and a tyre underneath as failsafes, as you will need to get under the car.

Put the gearbox in Neutral

First of all, do a visual check of the gaiters (the rubber concertina things at the wheel end of the driveshaft). Look for any splits, cracks or loose end fittings and signs of grease leakage. This in itself doesn't condemn a joint, but if it's been like this for any length of time, grease will have leaked out, grit will have got in, and it will likely have wrecked the joint. This is an MOT check by the way, so if the car was MOT'd recently (and the garage is reputable), it's likely to have happened since then.

Lay under the wheelarch just inside the wheel. Grab the driveshaft as close to its outer end (wheel) as possible with one hand, and attempt to rotate the wheel in both directions with the other. A small amount of free play is fine, but a marked rotation of the wheel before a "click" as the wheel starts to turn the driveshaft shows play in the CV joint bearings.

Grab the driveshaft again as close to the wheel as you can, and try jerking it up and down and side to side in relation to the wheel. Check for movement relative to the wheel hub - the movement will be seen in the rubber gaiter on the driveshaft. Listen for any metallic clicks or clonks that accompany this movement.

Finally, put the wheel on full lock in either direction. Rotate the wheel slowly while "feeling" the driveshaft. Any sudden movements, knocks or other roughness felt through the shaft indicate worn joints. Straighten the wheel and repeat the test. If the roughness is diminished, this again points to joint wear.


mondeo suspension noise - Waino
Thanks, DP, that's a very comprehensive description. In my case, the chap who fixed it identified the problem from (what he said) was the very characteristic noise. He was confident in his diagnosis, ordered the joint/gaiter and fixed it the next day. Considering that I wouldn't have had a clue (well, certainly not before your post, anyway), I thought an hours labour wasn't too bad.
mondeo suspension noise - disco dave
thanks for the info will check tomorow.
mondeo suspension noise - disco dave
i have checked the drive shaft. found grease all over the inside of the wheel cant find a split in the gaiter. did not make a noise and hardly any play when i turned it. on the end where goes into the auto box can move it a lot its so loose its frightning i still dont know if its the shaft or is there a bearing where it goes into the auto box?
mondeo suspension noise - Dynamic Dave
on the end where goes into the auto box can move it a lot its so loose...

Is this in and out movement of the driveshaft into the cv joint? If so, then there is supposed to be some movement to allow for the varying amount of driveshaft needed when turning left or right.
mondeo suspension noise - disco dave
i have just had another look found the slit in the gaitor. not much in and out movment. but plenty side to side and up and down both ends. look terminal.
mondeo suspension noise - Waino
Hi, Disco, just curious to know if you bought this one to a conclusion? How did you get on?
Cheers Waino
mondeo suspension noise - disco dave
just had new drive shaft fited. old one completly worn out . but still get the origanal noise. not all the time.i have no idea where to look next.
mondeo suspension noise - Waino
Sorry to hear that you've still got a problem. I'm afraid I don't have enough technical knowledge but would assume that the cv joint was checked at the same time that the new drive shaft was fitted.

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