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Along with a few other reaons I want to part ex my '05 Fabia vRS for something cheaper to finance allowing me to sort out my finances. Today I came across a X reg VW Polo 1.4(8v) Match, I had a test drive and it seems reasonably nippy in town and bumbles along happily at 65/70 where I can legally do so. Moving to this car will save me in the region of £150/month on my current motoring costs which is what I am after, Parkers (is that a swear word here?) rate them highly but I wondered about the 8v engine, what's it's life expectancy? The car has 61000 on the clock, the supplying dealer has agreed to change the cambelt (I believe it should be done at 60,000), MOT and tax the vehicle for 6 months. The car has a full VW history until the last service which was at an independant garage.

Is this car going to last me a good few years?
New Car- VW Polo - Armitage Shanks {p}
What is the 'cost to change' on this deal? Is the dealer giving you trade price for your Skoda and charging you 'book' for the Polo.? You might do better selling the Skoda privately and paying cash for the Polo - there again you might not or you matyhave problems with the time scale.
New Car- VW Polo - idbarnett
Thanks for the reply. I'm happy with the deal that's been offered (due to a combination of laziness and timescales)... I was really after peoples opinions on the Polo engine.
New Car- VW Polo - bell boy
change the oil at regular intervals and these 1.4 8 valves are superb so long as you dont thrash it every morning (remember the car you have now) i read that these vw"s have a few electrical gremlins but ive never had problems in this dept only noisy gearbox ones.
not the best car on the road but they are quite cosseting once inside them and push all the right buttons as a 20 mile commute car

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