should the dealer pay/do work - adam f
a fella at work drive a 02 plate fiat punto. the steering rack has gone on it.
the car has done 40k, he bought from the local car supermarket a while ago (not to sure when)

anyway, should he write to fiat and get them to replace,pay, carry out the work etc.

how would he stand in a legal aspect
should the dealer pay/do work - mare
Car's 4 years old, i think he'd struggle to get anything out of Fiat. The mileage is perhaps not that relevant, he might have 40k worth of roundabouts!
should the dealer pay/do work - bell boy
idealy this electric rack wants checking at a good independant as sometimes the motor is fine
should the dealer pay/do work - Xileno {P}
No chance on the legal aspect. Your best bet is to approach FIAT and sugggest a contribution.
Have a look on BBA Reman, they probably list the Punto. Will be a lot cheaper than getting it fixed by the dealer.
should the dealer pay/do work - bell boy
can i just explain that on the punto its a normal rack but with an electric motor attached near the steering colum to lighten the steering its this motor that plays up but can sometimes be the fuses or ecu.
bba reman and anybody else charge a fortune for a recon thats why i suggest you ascertain it is indeed a burnt motor first OP'
It is also recommended that city mode is used sparingly ie when needed only

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