my ford fiesta mk3 wont start - jonesiemartin
I have a ford fiesta mk3 and it has been recently broken into. They have broken the wheel lock some how and have ripped the wires out of the transponder. I have changed this wire and sorted the ignition barrel out. I don?t have the original transponder key but two copies. Now the engine will try to turn over but not start. Any suggestions please?
my ford fiesta mk3 wont start - bell boy
you need the key before the break in ,what happened to that?
how do i know you are not a car thief?.............sorry but some of them can read these days its a proven medical fact ;o) {smiley added to this tongue in cheek comment so as hopefully not cause offence to the OP - DD}
my ford fiesta mk3 wont start - jonesiemartin
i can send u the vehical documents if u want. i bourght the car with only two copied keys .the women who sold it to me lost the original red key. if it wasent for car thevies i wouldnt i wouldnt have the problem! this has caused me a lot of problems so dont joke. i wish they had knicked it!
my ford fiesta mk3 wont start - bell boy
the 2 keys you have if you look at the opposite end to where the metal bit is does either of them have like a red dot on?
my ford fiesta mk3 wont start - jonesiemartin
both have the red dot on them, they where replicas she made when she had the original key. the thiefs pulled the wire out of the transponder on the ignition an ripped it off. i think they might have damaged it so the keys wont work! any idea's?
my ford fiesta mk3 wont start - bell boy
did the keys work prior to the break in?
think carefully because this part its very important
what year is car as well and does it have a petrol filler cap flap if old
my ford fiesta mk3 wont start - jonesiemartin
yes the keys worked before and its a 95 model an yes it does have a cap flap on the petrol filler. why i this important?
my ford fiesta mk3 wont start - bell boy
firstly this car has an airbag you need to proceed with caution
you say you have done the ignition lock but did you remove the steering wheel?
the reason i ask is normally when mk3 fiesta's get broken into the lock is broken by vehement pulls of the steering wheel that literally rips the locking mechanism in the ignition housing (alloy) unfortunately this process also removes and weakens the appropiate teeth on the steering wheel boss that is this locking mechanism and can quite possibly lock the steering wheel at any time when you turn the wheel.
Next thing,go to fords or go to a scrapyard and get 'another pats pickup' this is the aerial thing that needs to go round the ignition barrel and is secured by 1 philips screw,when you put the key in the barrel the chip is read and is the bit secreted in your key (the red bit).
If you look at the clock in the car you will see a little flashing light on it (the petrol flap question reason) this light should go out as you crank if it flashes quickly the key is not recognised and car will not crank or start.
Going back to your original scenario you said car cranked but wouldnt start ,are you sure it cranked because if it does then the immobilisor bit should be immobilised and the car should start
Did the police remove anything underbonnet like ht leads crank sensor etc in case thieves may have come back to try and steal it again when you were in bed (manchester police do this as a matter of course usually)
my ford fiesta mk3 wont start - jonesiemartin
cheers for taking the time to answer my question. i think i'm gonna have to replace the whole steering colum then. as when i've put the barrel back into the ignition, the wheel lock wont come on when the key is out. also when you turn the ignition on and start the car. their are no sparks going to the spark plugs. when you take the key out of the car, the ignition an oil light remain slightly on. (so its trying to use power when it shudnt)

anyway cheers for ur time "oldman" greatly appriciated.
criminals ahy! what do u do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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