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E-mial from reader B.H. from Glasgow:-

I live in Glasgow and my 06 Audi A6 has TMC traffic information which warns of congestion and roadworks. The system is linked to the sat nav to give alternative routes round snarl ups. However, I never receive any information about Glasgow itself, notably the M8 through the city centre. Plenty of other messages about the M77, M80 and other roads, particularly the East of Scotland. My local Audi dealer has checked the car's kit and found nothing amiss. Is
Glasgow a blackspot for this info?

Does anyone have an answer?


TMC in Central Glasgow - rtj70
I'd compare what the TMC info is saying with an online source that's meant to be the same as the TMC channel transmitted on Classic FM. Maybe for some reason they do not include all of the Glasgow area and someone needs informing?

Just a thought. His TMC receiver obviously working since he gets info on other roads.
TMC in Central Glasgow - razzle
Is the data supplied by ITIS Holdings or Trafficmaster?

Trafficmaster have a fixed network whilst ITIS operate a "floating car data" network. I'd imagine Trafficmaster cover the M8 through the city centre (should be able to see the sensors) whilst the ITIS system relies on a volume of traffic with sensors in (mostly freight) passing through that bit of road at the time of congestion to produce a congestion report.

As far as I remember, ITIS have a deal with Audi so the lack of sensor equiped vehicles passing though could explain the lack of traffic reports. The difference in qualithy of information between the two providers has been debated in the past, and personally, I'd prefer data from a fixed network.

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Doesnt make sense - the M77 and M80 both lead to/from the M8 so what should work for them should also work for the M8?
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Pretty sure that Audi use Trafficmaster?s fixed sensor network as it?s TMC provider which also draws on RAC traffic data. Oddly enough there is a TMC hole in central Glasgow and if you go to and do a search for Glasgow in the forums you?ll notice posters noting the same lack of coverage in central Glasgow with their Garmin TMC systems. The UK TMC provision is a very poor cousin to that offered in mainland Europe and from what I?ve read and heard, the coverage on both TMC systems gets noticeably patchier as you move towards the North-West and Scotland.
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I have a Sony satnav unit (U70T) and in East Anglia (Cambridge/Ely areas) the tmc is very patchy indeed. Often days go by with no signal at all, then it will kick in for a bit, then vanish again.

I've even extended the supplied aerial but makes little difference. Works better on rainy days for some reason.

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