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Hi all.

I`ve previously posted looking for a vehicle with seats that fold down into a bed, however somebody did post about just sticking a mattress in the back. Originally I didn`t like this crude idea but its now grown on me.

Now I haven`t drove for a couple of years so I would prefer something with a more car like handling, narrow so as to be easy to manouver in traffic etc etc. I also want to be spending less than a 2,000.

I have been looking at the fiat scudo/citroen dispatch/peugot expert. This is just long enough for a mattress (based on what vans maximum length of load statistics of 206cm) and seems to be a good solution to drivability especially in city traffic.

I`ve also thought of the nissan vanette (and LDV cub), toyota powervan, mitsubishi l300 and l400 etc.

So what would forum users advice be?

Thanks in advance

Vertical fool
Easy to drive van? - Mr.Tee.43
Toyota HiAce Powervan.

Diesel of course

Easy to drive,comfortable and supremely reliable.

Just like mine !
Easy to drive van? - blue_haddock
I'd disregard the Nissan/LDV option as they are truly nasty pieces of work.
Easy to drive van? - Statistical outlier
One time the breakdown people came out to pick up my LDV minibus, the LDV engineer asked if we'd had a good look at the LDV logo while we were waiting? It's the letters LDV printed over a skip. Says it all really, avoid like the plague.
Easy to drive van? - DP
My old company had a Peugeot Expert 1.9 TD (XUD engine) which was used for lugging printer spares around, and doubled as a general dogsbody at weekends for whoever needed to borrow it to clear their shed / pick up a washing machine etc. It was a brilliant van.

40-45 mpg, car-like driving position, lively acceleration, cruised comfortably at 80-85 and smooth / quiet enough to drive a couple of hundred miles without getting tired.

This was a 98R plate which had 180k on the clock when I left the company and was still utterly reliable and drove well. Never had anything other than routine servicing and consumables AFAIK.


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