Bye Bye Vectra - Zippy123
I got the letter this morning; the lease company says the Vectra is being retired! For those that have read my woes, this will not be a sad parting. Well, thats not quite true, when it has been reliable it has been a good load carrier.

Anyway, I would like to get something more exiting, but my budget is limited. It so happens that the Ford Focus ST 2 costs an extra £30 per month on my scheme above my company allowance, including a contribution to ?car tax?. (It?s a car ownership scheme so we don?t actually pay car tax). The other car is a Mazda 6 2.3l sport which is £20 below budget and I would get that back.

My ideal car would be an Audi A3 convertible, but my scheme works best with cars above 2 litres (2001 cc plus) and save for the 3.2fsi, Audi have stopped doing cars above 2 litres, which is a real shame.

Has anyone got any experience with the ST or Mazda that they would like to share (reliability, MPG etc).

Thanks Zipppy
Bye Bye Vectra - Imagos
Audi have stopped doing cars above 2 litres, which is a real shame.>>

EH? news to me!
Bye Bye Vectra - rtj70
I assume you meant A4 convertible since there isn't (yet?) an A3 convertible. Audi do have cars above 2.0 but perhaps not the a3/a4's.

The Mazda 6 for size is the class above the Focus so you're not really comparing like for like. Might cost you the same or thereabouts but not the only factor. I have a Mondeo and still like it and have driven a Mazda 6 2.0l petrol estate and thought okay but still preferred the Mondeo to be honest. Seats fold easily though.

My recommendation is you work out what you need (as I say they are cars in different segments) such as passenger space, load capacity, performance, economy, whatever.... and if both okay get some proper test drives for say 48 hrs each.

I like my Mondeo diesel but the S-MAX has the Focus ST 2.5 turbo... and so probably will the new Mondeo which I saw via a link from HJ to AutoBild. Hmm nice.
Bye Bye Vectra - rtj70
Audi do have cars above 2.0 but perhaps not the a3/a4's.

Of course I meant petrol and did not include the 3.2... In diesel there will even be a 6l V12! Well in the Q7.
Bye Bye Vectra - Zippy123
Ment A4 convertable, sorry.
Bye Bye Vectra - expat
If you want reliability go for the Mazda.
Bye Bye Vectra - MichaelR
Mazda6 2.3 Sport is a car that is not deserving of its title. Despite Sport name and 2.3 litre engine, it isn't particularly quick and the most Sporty thing about it is the ample room in the back for your Golf clubs.

Audi have not stopped doing engines above 2.0 in the A3 - they actually never did, really. Previous generation A3 the largest engine was the 225bhp version of the 1.8T in the S3. Now, with the new A3, it's available with a large engine for the first time in the form of the 3.2.

From your list I'd go for the Focus ST.

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