Subaru, Seat or Skoda ? - legacylad
After the best part of a decade running Legacy estates, I sold my last one privately 18 months ago as my business, a retail store, meant that 6 days a week I ran my trusty VW Transporter and the Legacy spent most of the time sitting in my garage.
After a spot of unexpected bad health, the business is now sold, and the VW will most likely be having a mid life transformation into a camper!
I have a max of £8k to spend...buying privately or via the auctions, and want reliability, a blend of handling & performance, all in a hatch or estate body. I would equally be happy to spend £1k on a decent Primera GT!
None of my friends & personal contacts have anything to sell at the moment, and my choice is narrowed down to a Skoda Vrs model or Seat Cupra (on HJ's recommendation). My previous Legacy estates have all been 2.0 litre models. Great handling, reliability but lacking outright performance.In a few years I may be able to afford a 2.5 Sport Tourer, or Impreza 2.0R Sport, but for the moment they are beyond my budget.
MPG of 30+ overall would be required, although I do not expect my annual mileage to exceed 10k.
I am not a badge snob so will not be prepared to pay over the odds for certain marques...methinks a newish 320d SE Touring would not be in budget, as it seems to tick all the boxes.
Any suggestions gratefully received

Subaru, Seat or Skoda ? - barchettaman
Skoda Fabia Estate 100ps diesel, chipped to 130ps? Great q-car.
I´m trying to think a bit left-field LL.
Subaru, Seat or Skoda ? - nick
There a couple of Impreza sportwagons on autotrader right now. 2000 reg around the £6k mark. 30mpg might be optimistic though because you know you'll use it!
Subaru, Seat or Skoda ? - legacylad
thanks for the info . I saw them when I looked at the Autotrader site.However, I would only be interested in the newly uprated 2.0R model, with some 150bhp, and improved economy. Previous Legacy's I have bought at three years old, having suffered large depreciation ( my last 97 Rreg GLS estate bought in early 2001 cost me £3500)so I will try to find out current depreciation rates...doubtless the dealer network will tell me that this is no longer the case. I have seen nothing going through my local BCA so may contact a professional auction buyer in the near future, assuming I cannot find a Leon 20VT Cupra that has not been thrashed for the duration of its life.
Subaru, Seat or Skoda ? - MichaelR
thanks for the info . I saw them when I looked
at the Autotrader site.However, I would only be interested in the
newly uprated 2.0R model, with some 150bhp

The models he is talking about are Impreza Turbo 2000's. These are proper performance cars with in excess of 200bhp.

I always find the notion of buying an Impreza - a car where you suffer a cheap interior, no real level of kit and thin door panels becuase of the blistering performance - yet neglecting to buy the turbo model a bit daft.
Subaru, Seat or Skoda ? - mlj
There are two Octavia Vrs estates on the Skoda used cars search. Both 60K ish and both '03 models.
Having owned both Skoda and Seat myself I would recommend the former for quality and dealer support every time.
Subaru, Seat or Skoda ? - nick
I think What Car? magazine's website has a depreciation calculator, might be worth a look.
Subaru, Seat or Skoda ? - Happy Blue!
Why not look for a first generation Forester Turbo S.

You can definately find those for less than £6000 and the performance is good, with supreme reliability and a good ride handling compromise.


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