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Guys n Girls, have search forum, but got confused! Gf's 306 2.0 hdi overheated yesterday. Check fluids, all fine. Is there a way to check waterpump, and / or fans? Anything else you can think it could be? Is water pump, is it a hard job?

Thanks in advance.

help, hot 306 hdi - glowplug
If the layout of the cooling system is anything similar to a 405 then it could be an airlock which will make you think that the water level's OK but in fact the top of the engine can be without any cooling. I would think you could checkout the fans by shorting out the radiator temperature sensors. Also if the car has AC try turning that on, it usually run the engine fans to cool the condenser. On my 405 having the aircon on cooled the engine. Was the engine hot and the bottom of the rad cold, no circulation?

Be very careful, an overheated engine can be on borrowed time. Warped heads, blown gaskets, etc.


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help, hot 306 hdi - LeighB
Stuck thermostst??
Perhaps first thing to check and cheapest cure if that's what it is?

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