toyota aygo - your thoughts please - bigsuzy

has anyone bought a new toyota aygo - what your thoughts good /bad

do you know of any garages doing a good deal on them ?
toyota aygo - your thoughts please - DavidHM
Very basic cars but not bad at all.


seem to be the best deals on at the moment. I'm not sure if they both offer free insurance though or what the terms are of the free insurance offer.
toyota aygo - your thoughts please - lordwoody
I test drove one at the weekend as we are considering one as a 2nd car and wanted to be as economical and sensible as possible. I liked it, modern styling, 60 odd mpg, group 1 insurance ( 1yr free insurance on offer, plus 3 yrs free servicing) The base model is only available in red but we're seriously considering it to replace an 8yr old Audi A6 which now only does local journeys and is starting to cost money in repairs. The Aygo retains its value well too, only downside a slightly hard ride. Didn't feel too small either, but boot is tiny, with a high lip.

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