citroen xantia new owner - johnboy1967
hi,i have just bought a 1998 s plate 1.8 xantia but unfortunately it came without an owners manual,so i am looking for some advice from anybody in the know.I have checked the suspension using the lever at the gear stick and the car goes through the full range of movement.However when looking under the bonnet i cannot see any where obvious to check the hydraulic fluid and like i said i have no owners manual.I have noticed in the top right corner a square holder with a small clear dome with 2 rings around the dome and a small needle with a red cap inside and i was wondering also what that is.First time with a citroen so not clued up on them but so far seems very comfortable and economical.So until i get a haynes manual anybody give me some pointers.Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
citroen xantia new owner - dieselnut
I havn't owned a Xantia but it will no doubt be the same as my previous CX & XM.
The container with the dome that you describe is the hydraulic fluid ( Green LHM fluid only ) reservoir.
With the car height lever set to its highest position with the engine running, the marker in the sight glass on the reservoir container should be between the 2 red circles.
citroen xantia new owner - Collos25
Buy a Haynes book.
citroen xantia new owner - mjm
The owners handbook is stored in the fusebox compartment to the right of the steering column. 1/4 turn fastener holds it shut. (sorry if you,ve looked but its not an obvious place)

The rod which rises has 2 discs on it. The top one is the level indicator, the lower one is brass and makes the low level contact.

citroen xantia new owner - johnboy1967
dieselnut and mjm thanks for the advice.I am assuming that the needle in the dome is stuck as the top red marker is sitting at the top of the clear dome and the brass ring is sitting just above the second mark,the needle does not move no matter what height the car sitting at.Thanks again for your input.
citroen xantia new owner - mjm
They can stick, if you select maximum height on the lever inside, and let the car settle at its highest, try tapping the dome gently with a wooden screwdriver handle a few times. It may take time to react. If it still doesn't want to move, take the filler cap off and see if it has been overfilled. If it is overfilled then the worst I have had happen is spillage past the filler cap during "enthusiastic" cornering, messy but the fluid doesn't damage the paintwork!

A change of fluid and a clean of the filters isn't a bad idea if the car is new to you. You will need about 4 litres of LHM fluid. The procedure isn't difficult. Haynes manual 3082 is a good purchase.
citroen xantia new owner - PhilW
Go to ebay, look for xantia handbook - eg

I'm also pretty sure that Cit dealers can get them for you, or try phoning Citroen UK
Citroën UK Ltd
221 Bath Road

Telephone 0870 606 9099

citroen xantia new owner - rip
everything you need to know about xantia's is located on this website


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