02 Focus TDDI Fanbelt Tensioner - Snakey
After replacing the auxilliary drivebelt 3 times in the last 10 months (to stop the constant squealing noises) I have decided to bite the bullet and replace the fanbelt tensioner, which apparently is the culprit. I gather the tensioner is a known weak point (one of many!) on this engine.

Has anyone does this as a DIY job, and if so how bad is it? It looks like a bit of a pig, as I can barely see the tensioner unit either from the top or bottom of the engine bay. My DIY is moderate and I only have a driveway to work on.

Alternatively, has anyone has this done professionally? One garage quoted around £200 'off the top of his head' as he'd never done one before. Does that seem about right? I think the tensioner itself is a Ford only part of around £90-£100, I've tried a few factors and they can't find pattern parts.

And I used to think my Vauxhall Omega was expensive for parts! (£25 for a tensioner and a 10 minute fit!)

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