Tax Disc Offence - question - Nsar
Forgot to re-new disc before hols.

I have re-newed on-line and have a confirmation email from DVLA which shows the time the transaction took place, but the disc will be a day or two in arriving.

Is the offence not to have a valid tax disc or not displaying a valid tax disc?
Tax Disc Offence - question - Lud
Displaying. I am currently in a similar boat and keeping my fingers crossed.
Tax Disc Offence - question - daveyjp
Both are offences.
Tax Disc Offence - question - Collos25
THe police will not stop you and the VR vans computer will have you down as money paid.
Tax Disc Offence - question - Westpig
Both are offences.

true, but if you've paid for the disc and the only offence is not displaying it would be most unusual to be prosecuted as it is a more minor offence.
Tax Disc Offence - question - GregSwain
Most road-tax evasion seems to be caught by those police vans with number-plate recognition, so it's unlikely anyone will catch you as technically you've taxed the car if it shows up on

The police would easily be able to check your story if they did get you for not displaying, so I wouldn't worry.
Tax Disc Offence - question - Pugugly {P}
The police would easily be able to check your story if they did get you for not displaying, so I wouldn't worry.

Around here, just before they seize an untaxed car, they phone DVLA for authourity, Focuses the mind that doesn't it ?
Tax Disc Offence - question - bell boy
just dont park where traffic wardens are on a bonus scam/sorry scheme................
Tax Disc Offence - question - Nsar
Thanks everyone, the car is shuttling between way off road at home to a private car park so I dare say I'll be safe until the disc arrives.
Tax Disc Offence - question - Westpig
i never display the tax on my motorcycle, it stays in my jacket pocket in case i'm stopped. If a roaming warden did report it, as soon as they realised it was in fact taxed then nothing would happen. Been like that for over 8 years, cos i don't want it to get wet and mangled and/or some oik to steal it.
Tax Disc Offence - question - Bromptonaut
If tax expired at end Aug you have nowt to worry about; although 14 days grace is a myth DVLA won't prosecute for the revenue offence and a copper would only add it to his book if you's failed the attitude test big time.

A july renewal however may now be in scope for one of DVLA's fines as these fall due where the tax is overdue by 28 days, unless the vehicle has been SORN'd.
Tax Disc Offence - question - Lud
Thank you Bromptonaut. Should be OK then. Phew.

Actually given how many people have nowhere to keep a car off the road - I have if necessary, but not where I usually live in London - it would cause an immense amount of hassle to start chasing slobs like me when they only go to the MoT place the day licence renewal is due, or even later, and need this or that...

And I suppose that's what makes people able not to even bother, just slip out of the back end of the system and keep jinking and dodging.

That always sounds a bit tiring to a bourgeois element though, after a certain age. You have to be able to put your feet up without fearing that you may need to dive out of the back window in your underpants and flee ten miles, or even move to Somalia and change your name.

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