Congestion: ABD views in Which? magazine - Roger Jones
Extracted from the September issue of Which? magazine:

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) campaigns on behalf of what it describes as "the UK's beleaguered drivers". Mark McArthur Christie [spokesman] says "If congestion were a simple problem we would have fixed it by now. Ultimately, people travel because they need to travel and they choose a car because a car is the best option for them at the time."

Marke believes that the government has adopted a piecemeal approach: "People have said we'll tackle cars, we'll tackle buses, whatever, but you can't just tackle one bit -- you have to tackle them all together. The government isn't doing this. People drive because public transport is really very expensive. The government seems far keener to be anti-car and not pro-choice."

Perhaps surprisingly, the ABD sees cycling as a key solution and wants to see much better facilities for cyclists and park-and-cycle facilities. Mark says: "It would be great to see some publicly funded campaigns with the message that if you're doing a five-mile trip, why are you using your car unless you've got loads of stuff to carry."
Congestion: ABD views in Which? magazine - GregSwain
There's a clip on the Top Gear website where they found it was cheaper to buy an old car, fill it with fuel and drive to Manchester and back (from Surrey), than paying for a standard-fare train ticket for the same journey.

That's why people drive cars.
Congestion: ABD views in Which? magazine - TheOilBurner
That and the fact that when you sit down in the drivers seat in your own car, you don't tend to get stuck to it by the chewing gum the last occupant kindly left behind. Unless you've got kids, of course!

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