89.9 p p l ! - Zippy123
89.9 pence per litre at my local Tesco. Now I kow it has been cheaper in the past, but it was such a surprise to see it under the magic 90 pence that I just had to fill up in case it was a mistake (it was 99.9 ppl just a couple of weeks back).

Hope it stays at this price.
89.9 p p l ! - Zippy123
Where is that edit button....unleaded petrol that is -- not water or whiskey or the 'orrible sticky stuff swmbo puts in her tdi
89.9 p p l ! - Sprice
Yeah, it was a shock to see the price start with an 8! It was 89.9 at my local Morrissons, with diesel at 93.9.
89.9 p p l ! - neil
My Xantia is 5 years old... the first diesel it got cost 62p a litre... its up at least 50% in 5 years.

This Government just defies belief - and so does the fact that we're 'celebrating' petrol prices starting with an 8!

89.9 p p l ! - Pugugly {P}
there is a war on you know.
89.9 p p l ! - Sprice
Diesel was more than 62.9 ppl in 2001. The petrol blockades of 2000 happened because petrol went above 80 ppl.
89.9 p p l ! - daveyjp
In 2001 diesel started the year at 82.4p and finished at 75.4p per litre.
89.9 p p l ! - Altea Ego
People have been dying in a war somewhere in the world every year since 1900
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
89.9 p p l ! - Collos25
People have been dying in a war somewhere in the world
every year since 1900

Since time began people have been dying in pointless wars beacause someones vanity was hurt .
89.9 p p l ! - school boy
And? If the goverment reduced the tax percentage it would certainly help.
They say we havn't put the tax up but every time crude oil goes up then so does the amount of tax you pay. Even if the percentage is the same.
89.9 p p l ! - school boy
"There is a war on you know"
Thats what my post is replying to.
89.9 p p l ! - Pugugly {P}
How do expect them to pay for that war schoolboy, with their Credit Cards ? they ain't going to cut taxes when most government departments are in meltdown due to the Internatioal situation.
89.9 p p l ! - Bromptonaut
Duty on diesel in 2001 was 51.82ppl and is now 53.27 Rest of change is due to fluctuation in crude prices and increased demand for diesel/heating oil resulting in supply shortages.
89.9 p p l ! - Martin1981
Nearly fainted this afternoon when I went into the Tesco on the street where my girlfriend lives, 89.9 for unleaded but still 93.9 for diesel. Nearly popped into the nearby opticians to get my eyes tested!

89.9 p p l ! - Smileyman
Please state in which part of the country you lucky people are... Tesco do not sell at the same price nationwide.

My wife & I both filled up at local Sainsbury Friday 92.9p - 5p = 87.9p How? - Wife spent £50 in store on groceries earlier in the week. Offer ended 31st August

ps we are in Kent
89.9 p p l ! - daveyjp
My local Shell station is consistantly cheaper than all the supermarkets. Diesel was 92.9p yesterday, Morrisons and Asda 94.9p, BP 95.9!. This is in Leeds.
89.9 p p l ! - Hamsafar
Didn't the fuel tax rise announced in Marches budget come into force yesterday?
Mayve they tppk it off instead of adding it! :)
89.9 p p l ! - component part
Yep, Morrisons in Peterborough yesterday (02/09/2006 AD) 89.9l for unleaded and 93.9l for diesel.
89.9 p p l ! - Martin1981
Tesco Express garage in Plymouth, 89.9 for unleaded and 93.9 for diesel, Saturday the second of September Two Thousand and Six!

89.9 p p l ! - David Horn
Local Tesco in Newton Abbot: 89.9 for unleaded and 96.9 for diesel. Obviously, the number of people buying diesel cars is increasing.
89.9 p p l ! - Zippy123
East Sussex, Hastings
89.9 p p l ! - Dynamic Dave
Sainsbury's at Stratton St Margaret, Swindon is also currently 89.9p/l for unleaded. Some 2p per litre cheaper than it's competitor down the road. Normally their prices are like for like. Maybe the price drop happened late yesterday afternoon and the other garage will catch up with prices today?
89.9 p p l ! - scotty
Please state in which part of the country you lucky people
are... Tesco do not sell at the same price nationwide.

Yep, even here in West Cumbria, where the price is usually a couple of pence more than elsewhere (isolated location apparently), both Tesco and Morrisions are at 89.9.

I suspect Tesco may hike the pump price when a store has a 5p off offer. They wouldn't do really do that would they?? That offer isn't on here at present.
89.9 p p l ! - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
My local Sainsbury (Chesterfield) has City Diesel at 92.9p. And there is no need to spend £50 on groceries. Most local garages are around 95.9p for Diesel.
Long may the price war last!
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
89.9 p p l ! - JohnM52
In West Edinburgh, not supermarket but SHELL selling at 89.9, with diesel at 93.9 today.
89.9 p p l ! - drbe
Why not register with;-


You can specify 3 locations or postcodes and the fuel you use. However it isn't worth going out of your way to save 1 or 2 pence, but it does encourage the cheaper outlet, if their sales go up.
89.9 p p l ! - Fullchat
Strange how prices go up at the beginning of the holiday season and then return to normal at the end.

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