fiat Stilo - Dux
Hi hope somebody can help. I have recently purchased a fiat stilo and it seemed to be fine but i have noticed a couple of little things. Firstly there is a squeaking noise coming from the front of the car not sure if it near or off side. If i tap the brakes it seems to stop the noise for a short period but then it comes back. Also sometimes when i am driving on the motorway and do around 80 the steering wheel seems to vibrate. But it doesnt do it all the time. Are both issues interrelated and could it be something to do with the bearings?

fiat Stilo - jase1
Sounds more like binding brakes + wheels out of balance to me. Probably worth checking these before assuming a relatively expensive part.
fiat Stilo - yorkiebar
Agree it sounds more like a brake problem.

Sticking caliper or pads seems possible. Worth getting it checked out fairly soon, it could cause further damage to discs/bearings etc let alone may just give you a problem if you need to stop in an emergency !

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